Behind Closed Doors

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Amissio + Via → Acqusitio (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 4th June 2017

Can you keep up with me saying the same thing in different ways? We’ll see…

We often think of closed doors as being bad or restrictive things. This week however shows that this is not always the case. Amissio in the 10th house (Aquarius) gives you a different perspective. The new perspective comes because it is you who is closing the door. This is what changes it to be an extremely constructive and positive sign.

You see, by closing down the ‘external’, the late arrivals and the ‘undecideds’, you prevent your creative energy from being dissipated. You simply cut back on your wider outward expression and projects in order to focus more on the personal.

As you look around you will begin to notice that things are as finalised as they are able to be at this moment. It’s largely your ideas and your effort which now need to carry you forward. You need to see just what you can do now. Now is the time to change from an expansive mind view to one in which you focus. The people, effort and time is right to start moving forward.

The Pars Venusii in the eighth house (Sagittarius) gives a particular drive for you to move forward right now, too. It indicates that other people are on the verge of pushing you into unreasonable expectations. And the longer you leave things the longer they will have to have their say.

Stop them in their tracks. Set off now before they start to over-complicate things!

It might be interesting to think about where their unrealistic expectations came from the first place. I know, other people can often seem unreasonable at times. But if we are being completely honest we might wonder if it would have helped to have said ‘No’ to them sooner in order to stop them getting carried away.

It’s always a difficult balancing act though, isn’t it? There’s always a danger in over-promising just because we want to get people moving! This can cause a problem however when they take you at your word… or if they read more into what you said than you had intended.

The second geome is Via in the fifth house (Virgo). As you move through the week people must realise that if they are not on-board now then they’ve missed the current sailing of the boat. They’re just going to have to wait for another.

You are the captain of the current sailing and you have to take the paying passengers you’ve already got. You have to focus on the current voyage, the current passengers, the current venture.

Pull up the gangplank and set sail.

It’s time to close the door and let the meeting begin.

Pull up the drawbridge and begin the tour of the castle.

Maybe there will be a sign saying next tour 2 o’clock.

… but the next one doesn’t have to be your tour, your sign or your timescale.

Times change.



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Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Acquisitio (13) in the 12th house (Aries). The two sets of double Taps at Levels 1 and 3 show you need to move forward with your inspiring ideas. You also need to use the physical resources you’ve already got.

In both of these areas, however, you will be moving into areas that you did not expect as new pathways open in front of you. This is perfectly natural.

This is the time of doing things behind closed doors. People have had their chance. They should not be your concern now. You can safely close the doors. It’s time to progress this is a point of departure. What happens now happens behind closed doors — your doors!

Even though you might have an inkling about where you might go the details remain to surprise you.

New possibilities will open up as you begin to reach for them.


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