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Carcer + Caput Draconis → Cauda Draconis (14)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 11th June 2017

Carcer in the fifth house (Libra) is often a sign of contradictions. Given the trine aspect between the geomes, however, it’s more likely that you will simply be engaged in a bit of a balancing act this week — at least to start with. As the forces in your life begin to balance themselves out you will be presented with an opportunity you really don’t want to miss…!

The balancing act is really going to be a realisation of how important others are to you at the moment (and keeping them happy) versus keeping to the practical facts you know to be the case. It would just be too easy to have ‘social interactions’ without any depth. But that would be to miss a great deal.

You’ll need to find a way to be fair and to show honesty and integrity in the face of some people who want to just keep things light and frothy. This means you will need to show some skill in how you handle others. You’ll need to be creative and tactful and not worry about rejection. It will be more important to show that you can offer a stable relationship. The key will be to show that you are enduring and committed to making progress.

Carcer here helps you remove any inconsistencies and keeps you being practical. People are likely to take you as they find you and if you present a consistent set of beliefs and attitudes then they will know where they stand.

The placement of the Pars Saturnii in the ninth house (also occupied by the second geome) is likely to make you feel that the pieces are falling into place now. You are likely to feel you are reconnecting with some old thoughts and practical details. It’s as though you are closing the circle. In doing so you will have a firm foundation on which to look outward and to build a much bigger picture. But there’s more.

Caput Draconis in the ninth house (Aquarius) is the match which lights the blue touch paper. It provides the intuitive, mind-opening spark which takes all the experience and connections from the first geome’s influence to provide that missing piece of the puzzle.

Inspiration is likely to strike completely out of the blue this week: strong religious ideas or deep insights and ideas for new travel, whether physical or mental, are likely to pop up unbidden. These will be thoughts of a voyage you are destined to take.

The second geome indicates that you will feel the strong drive, inspiration and impulse to get out there and make use of what and who you know. Will you take the invitation?

If you are in Flow then this will provide you with a marvellous opportunity to actually move your heartfelt desires forward.

If you are not in Flow — if you are not aiming to express your uniqueness — then you will simply feel that things are making sense and can understand the bigger picture better. How much better though to take this wonderfully rising tide and move things onward!


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (14) in the first house (Gemini). The Casting has so far indicates a lot of potential plus a spark of inspiration added to all the tinder. The question will be whether you can capitalise on it.



Catch the Spark, Saalenixe-74, Pixabay (CC0)


Here we see that you will need to make some kind of choice — and that you will need to commit to it if you really want to reap the benefits.

You see, the inspiration you experience will be based on all your hard work. It can take you a huge way forward this week, not only with your current hopes and ambitions but also to newer and bigger ideas. But you’ll need to make that choice.

The two new Taps at Level 4 show that once you commit to taking the plunge the opportunities will blossom for you. You will be able to start moving in a new way with the outside world. The key to this will be to think whether you have learned the lessons from last time.

If you have then situations and offers will be made to you. Provided you have learned your lessons from last time there is almost no limit to what you can do going forward in Flow.


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