An Opportunity To Progress

Albus + Laetitia → Amissio (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 12th June 2022

Opportunities to work together will improve this week, going from ‘wanting to’ to ‘planning to’.

Albus in the 2nd house (Cancer) shows that there seems to be an increasing chance to be able to put your mind at rest this week. This is most likely to concern some money-worries that have been floating around.

You are likely to find that a mood of ‘coming to their senses’ is in the air, too. (Why does it take so much and so long for people to be reasonable?)

This will be the start of the change in Flow. You are likely to find that instead of just wanting to work together with others that they are now more open to the possibility of actually doing so.

Laetitia in the 7th house (Sagittarius) gives a clear indication of the circumstances progressing for you actually being able to work with others. That said, there is likely to be some hesitation or lack of clarity about this, probably on their part.

Specifically, you are likely to find that there is some uncertainty about working with them. You may find yourself wondering what’s changed, whether everything is clear or exactly what their intentions are.

To counter this you will find it best to keep looking towards a positive outcome. Keep letting them see that you are aiming for the best result for all. Be as open and honest with them as you can (without tipping all your hand). It will be a matter of inching forward in your relations with them.

This will be the best way to deal with any personal uncertainties you and they may have.

The Pars Mercurii is in the 8th house (Capricorn) this week and it gives a very interesting additional slant on the Casting: Don’t let ‘knowing too much’ get in the way. You may have knowledge they don’t have and to be aware of things they are not. But it wouldn’t be in your best interest to let that knowledge (particularly of you being right) get in the way of progress. In any case, none of us have all the answers and nobody can do it alone.

Seek to find ways to progress rather than to introduce stumbling blocks.


An Opportunity To Progress,, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (3) in the 12th house (Taurus). Progress now will need you to do what you don’t, or wouldn’t, normally do. This should not really be a surprise in these circumstances.

If what you are doing is not working, then doing more of it isn’t likely to help.

Sometimes you have to take a calculated risk.

You don’t always know how people will react, but an honest attempt on your part is likely to be seen in a favourable light.


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