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The UK Prime Minister is in the process of considering the negotiating process to be used in Britain’s exit from the European Union (‘Brexit’). She is scheduled to make an announcement about the UK’s negotiating approach in four days’ time (Tuesday 17th January).

The full details of the strategy may not be revealed until the official triggering of Article 50 at the end of March, but I thought it would be interesting to do a Casting of what approach might be taken before any official announcements.



Here is the casting which shows the geomes cast together with the Active Transform:


A question of Brexit


I will give my interpretation of the Casting based on Astrogem Geomantic principles combined with my intuition. I invite you to interpret the Casting to see if you get a different interpretation, either something completely different or to suggest any tweak or refinement to what I suggest.


The Question

I asked what would be presented as Britain’s negotiation strategy for exiting the EU.

Here’s where I nail my colours to the mast: I will describe the factors which seem most relevant to me as an obvious interpretation of the Casting. Then I will attempt to synthesise them into a whole. I will add in my intuitive feelings as to the meaning at that point.

Obviously I will not be able to take any credit for getting the Casting right if the interpretation proves to be wrong (as revealed by the facts at next week’s announcement and any details at the end of March).

My interpretation will be limited to only the details the Prime Minister reveals about the strategy in the run-up to the triggering of Article 50.

Geomancy is very specific if you ask a specific enough question. The question I asked was, I believe, specific and so my interpretation then will not relate to how her announcement is received, nor to how matters eventually pan out. My interpretation is only for what will be announced.


The Casting


The Flow shows a Contraction from Fortuna Minor to Via and then an Expansion from Via to the Active Transform Fortuna Major (12).

This suggests a focusing down of effort to bare essentials and then an expansion into new areas. This may be interpreted as a cutting down to the core of the issues followed by the need for clarity before expanding out into new and different areas, but with the same level of intensity. She is therefore likely to mention a focussing down to core values, principles to the ‘necessary transactions’ with the EU.



The first geome is in Pisces which typifies the current known situation, but as it is known and not related to the announcement then we can set that aside.

The announcement then is likely to be nebulous and yet imaginative. She will say that not all the details are known or, indeed, knowable in advance. This suggests that a degree of intuition will have to be applied to both the interpretation of the Prime Minister’s announcement between next Tuesday’s announcement and the triggering of Article 50 (this indicates lots of jobs for political commentators!). This is likely to pan out as further hidden details and deals, people and interested parties swimming in opposite directions and yet possessing a certain charming willingness — possibly manifested as a kind of parental ‘We took this approach as the only sensible and possible way through this mess’.

The second geome is in Taurus suggesting that there will be a need for a certain amount of dogged determination, persistence and hard work to make any deals good for all concerned. That would fit with what would be expected under the circumstances.

The Active Transform is in Cancer suggesting that a certain protectiveness will be presented with the future outcomes “To be primarily in Britain’s interest”.



Via as the second geome usually indicates to me that there will be a killing-off of opportunities and ways forward. Specifically, that “almost everything has to go, about-face, turn and change around”. What is, or has been, discussed will have to change almost to its complete opposite. What is good in the current suggestions and proposals will need to be substantially modified (almost to its exact opposite) if it is to survive and persist into the future. (An example of this might be that we are exiting Europe legally, but that to all intents and purposes it doesn’t look or feel like it!)

Specifically, Fortuna Minor indicates that the announcement is likely to include all the details and physical hard work that has been put in (Levels 3 and 4 — internal physical and external physical) and that will yet be needed. I would expect therefore mention of the hard work done by the Prime Minister herself (Level 3) and with all her advisers and EU partners (Level 4).

Via describes a point of bringing current matters to a conclusion and then being followed by an opening out into new, mental / intellectual / creative ideas and approaches.

The Active Transform has two new double Taps at Levels 1 and 2. This suggests that the way forward will be announced to consist of thinking of more detailed plans (Level 2) combined with imagination, insight and creativity from external thoughts (Level 1, the other parties to the negotiation).

The new Taps at Levels 1 and 2 show that the period of negotiation will be intense and therefore protracted.



The first geome is in the fourth house suggesting that the primary considerations should be related to the home, which we can easily and interpret as ‘The British People’.

The second geome is in the sixth house which we can interpret as the need for hard work and the attempt to try to make things as good as possible — a perfection that will only come through far-reaching details.

The Active Transform is in the eighth house indicating that the announcement will describe the need for radical transformation, a casting out of the old with only what absolutely works being able to be carried through into the future. This also suggests that ‘new thinking’ and ‘new approaches’ will need to be thought of and actioned.

I would add that the Pars Sol in the eleventh house (Libra) suggests to me that the root of the announcement will be to try to please (sextile aspect) as many people as far and wide as possible (11th house — old friends, vested interests, many and various groups) with a ‘demonstrably balanced and even-handed approach’, weighing up all the options at each stage (Libra).


Photo: UK Home Office Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


Putting it all together

On the face of it some of what I have written above may seem like an obvious or potentially bland political statement. On the contrary however, I believe that the following will show how these are key points rather than broad statements.

I interpret the casting to show the following emphatic points:

That everything possible will be done to work in Britain’s interest

That a huge amount of physical work has already been done and will continue to be done

That the government will do all it can to move Britain out of EU membership. It will not happen as fast as some (most?) would like, but we will continue with the process no matter how long it takes until it’s finished

That something about the UK’s current position and approach will need to be radically altered

That new thinking and a new approach to conducting the negotiations is being put forward


I believe the main ideas from the announcement will be as follows:

That it will not be possible to leave the EU in the way generally envisaged. That there is no clear-cut exit strategy at the moment — and neither can there be!

The way forward will be simply that whatever the UK can do straight away (as regards severing ties) it will do.

Everything else will be negotiated on a piece-by-piece, case-by-case basis as it arises, with the intent that every single subsequent negotiation of the remaining ties will be aimed at getting the best deal for Britain and with a view to removing the UK from contact, no matter how long it takes. (Any new deals to replace the old ones may end up being seen as merely a change of name, but at least they can be claimed to have been renegotiated.)


That’s it.



The UK will aim to get rid of as much as it can of its links to the EU as fast as it can straightaway followed by piecemeal negotiation of every deal afterwards, as it arises, and for years to come.


I invite you to add your comments to this post to either reinterpret the casting above or to add to or tweak any comments I have made. Other than that, we’ll see what happens on Tuesday…

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4 thoughts on “A Question Of Brexit

    • LesCross Post author

      Hi Eddie. I know, it is interesting. Kind of a ‘quick hit to get everything going/possible’ and then followed by a long, drawn-out, ‘rest of the details’.

      It’s not an approach that’s been proposed by anyone else as far as I know. If she did take this approach it could go either way with annoying everybody as it is too much of a ‘middle’ road trying to please everyone and ending up pleasing no one, or it might be hailed as the only sensible approach which gets the job done.

  • Sam Cannarozzi

    Sad predictions Les.

    Brexit = me me me … !

    I would have thought that via would mean “stay the course” but I can see how this is altered by planets and houses.

    This really helps me in how to make a more complete reading than I am used to.

    Many thanks from Copenhagen, show Tuesday night at the Best teller’s Café

    • LesCross Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Sam.

      Well, I just call it as I see it. Don’t shoot the messenger. *laughing*

      If we take Via in the old-fashioned way then it simply represents ‘a way, road, journey, etc.’. Using the Four Levels Model, combined with my observations on Via being one of the four kinds of death I see it as more of a pinch-point / focus / decision time with the main theme that almost everything will need to be scrapped and that what is ‘good’ will still need to be ‘flipped’ to make it workable.

      Thanks for your comments and speak soon.