Using A Saw, Not A Scalpel

Yesterday I did something scary: I posted a Casting about Brexit! The Prime Minister is due to make an announcement about it this Tuesday and officially start the process at the end of March. It seemed that this would be a good opportunity for me to make a prediction as to the overall process ahead of the announcements. You can read the article HERE.



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Tristitia + Populus → Tristitia (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 15th January 2017


This week sees Tristitia in the 11th house (Scorpio) in a very powerful placement. There is so much energy associated with this, given Scorpio’s transformative power and Tristitia’s bursting for change. You are likely to feel a very strong drive to get things moving this week.

The whole Casting shows the direction that this energy is likely to take. It’s bursting because you feel backed up against several obstructions. It won’t exactly be a grinding halt but rather lack of progress forcing you to think about the situation more deeply. As the week progresses you’ll begin to see the benefits of your further research and further thought.

Progress becomes more likely when you take a clear view about what you want to change. It seems you’re looking to break out and break free. You want to get on with things but that events (and people) seem to be going soooooo slowly. But that’s probably just your perception. Considering what you’re trying to do — and who you’re trying to do it with — it’s not surprising you’re feeling frustrated!

Populus in the 10th house (Libra) shows that the Flow is pushing you into a more reflective state of mind. Taking stock might be a better way of putting it. Whenever you see Populus in the second position of the casting you will know that the clear full moon, reflecting the light of the sun, shows that you need to continue with what is right but to rethink and adapt what is not working. Think of it as more pausing to tweak rather than to reverse what you’re doing.

It’s the tweak, however, that makes all the difference!

The suggestion then is that you shouldn’t strive to be right all the time. Instead it helps to be more even-handed. This is the time of the art of the possible. Or dare I say it, the time for ‘it’s good enough’.

The idea here is to get movement rather than perfection. Aiming for perfection will only hold you up at the moment. ‘Imperfect progress’ is still progress. You may get the chance to polish any imperfections later.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform is Tristitia (4) in the ninth house (Virgo). By having the reflection of Tristitia from the 11th to the ninth house Flow shows that you should not be too hard on yourself — or on the situation.

If your standards are too high you are likely to keep others from helping you as they worry they may not come up to your high standards. If on the other hand you continue with all the good stuff you’re doing and you get the outline and the foundations right, you can then seek to grow naturally and organically rather than dramatically.

In working with others it will help to let them tell you how to improve matters.

The Flow shows that this is not the time for the sharp cutting nature of your scalpel but rather for different tool altogether. This is the time for the big two-handed saw! I’m sure you get the point: Don’t try to be too exact and don’t try to do everything yourself, you need the help.


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Two-handed saw (Flickr, Commons)


May be several people can take turns with the saw, so long as you keep sawing.

Can you show that you can take the best approach (rather than just your approach) to getting the job done? (Hint: Yes you can!)

Bonus: If you get this right you will find that it improves you and also improve your relationship with others in the long term, too. And that might be the start of an even more enriching journey together.


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Thank you.


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