A Geomantic Nod

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 22nd April 2013


Puer in the ninth house (Capricorn) is square to Populus in the sixth house (Libra) in an expanding pattern.

Geomantic Divination

Let’s get to it. . . something looks to be a physical strain this week.  Puer in Capricorn is always going to be an effort.  But this effort is going to yield results – if you let it.

The Flow of the geomes continues from last week’s casting:  Keep your thoughts and actions practical, no fancy stuff.  Just get the job done in a professional way.

The ninth house is associated with long or foreign journeys.  These may be directly connected with matters concerning ‘higher thinking or education’ in some way.  The influence of Puer suggests that you will need to plug away at whatever this involves and invoke a lot of control and discipline at the moment. If you come across new ideas and concepts your first inclination will probably be to see them as just more hard work.  But stick with them and at least until the potential benefits are clear to you so that you can see if they are worth your time pursuing.

I get the feeling that this would be a good time to avoid confrontation with authorities, too.  (Puer is associated with Mars and the ninth house covers all authority and controlling figures.)  You also need to take extra care on long journeys to avoid mishaps.  The two taps in Puer show that – as with most things – preparation will be key.  Whether it’s a journey of your mind or your car it needs to have good solid preparation.

As this is an expanding pattern – and to Populus at that – then you are likely to see a rapid change of circumstances this week.  There’ll be new ideas, new people and new suggestions which come your way.  A lot of these will seem to ‘make sense’ to you now even though they may have been around for a while. You can expect things to start clicking with you as doors start to open!

Paradoxically, it might feel frustrating.  Why didn’t this happen before?  What has changed?  These kind of questions make you wonder if it really is you who are making the difference or whether you are just in the right place at the right time.  The square aspect suggests that some of these new openings could be somewhat reluctantly given or might even appear with bad grace!  But don’t worry about it.  A step forward is a step forward.

Overall, the expanding pattern shows that people will want to work towards optimal results no matter who is providing the solution to their problems. Produce the goods, show you can do the job and things should go your way.  A ‘geomantic nod’ of agreement is still a nod, even if not done with a huge smile!

Populus in the sixth shows that the latter part of the week will be a good time to bring people and ideas together, even if it seems a struggle at first, and especially if it relates to work.

Stay true to yourself.  Look after your health and seek to clean up mess where you find it.  These will be some of the qualities appreciated by others around you this week even if they are not spoken of openly.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives the Active Transform Puer (124) in the third house (Cancer).  In order to best shape your fate you need to be able to play both an inward and outward game at the same time.  Outwardly work hard to bring things together and finish them off by showing you can meet people’s expectations. But work equally hard on your own internal thoughts in order to plug any vulnerabilities in your offerings.  Keep your armor intact.  Make sure you have (or develop) a bolt-hole to give you a sense of inner security and freedom where you can relax.  You need to feel that you have a quiet spot in the tumult around you at the moment.

Some of the people closest to you will be watching you carefully for any signs of weakness as you work.  Make sure you find and plug any gaps before they do.


A soldier should know his own weaknesses before his enemy finds and uses them.

A soldier who does not do this does will not usually live to a ripe old-age.


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