Happy Earth Day! 2

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Credit: NASA Earth Observatory

Today is Earth Day and we celebrate – and hopefully contribute to – ways of keeping the Earth in mind in all aspects of bio-diversity, sustainability and conservation.  This is the home of our species and one of the roots of Astrogem. Even if you are not a conservationist or work in environmental sustainability, today could be a time to reflect on your place in the biosphere and your connection to all its constituent parts.  A time when you can think about the interdependence and interconnectedness of our lives here.

As Geomancy is the Oracle of the Earth I though the day should not pass without reference to the wider picture – literally.  For me, the Oracle is the voice of that interconnectedness.  It is a way to connect with everything and everyone on Earth.

This last weekend I was invited to give a lecture on Astrogem Geomancy to a conference at Hitchin Priory and what a fantastic experience that was!  It was a great opportunity to spread the word and boy-oh-boy did the delegates hear it!

IMG_4954_1A(No, this is not a Hallelujah moment.  I was explaining the top level of the Four Level model!)

The delegates understood the model very quickly and in less than an hour we’d covered the history of Geomancy, how the system came into being, why they need to know about it and how it all worked.

They liked the quality of the readings they were giving each other and the practise sessions gave them a lot to talk about!

For me one of the best moments came at tea-break when delegates were heard giving each other impromptu readings based on whether water drinking glasses were arranged up or down (open or closed), thereby creating a geome.

I mentioned to one of the organisers that I was starting to see geomes everywhere.  He said that it was a sure sign of going nutty – until he, too, started to see them next day!

I had been putting the finishing touches to my lecture the night before and I chanced to looked up to the other side of the room and saw Conjunctio staring at me.


Astrogemers will clearly see the symbol – showing the new audience waiting for the new ideas.  Conjunctio shows the desire to connect the audience’s external mental world with their physical external world.



And what should be on the opposite wall, right above my head. . . ?

. . . Albus!  IMG_4969_1A

Albus and Conjunctio are the twin aspects of Mercury associated with change, ideas and wisdom.  Albus clearly showed me that the way to connect with the audience’s mental approach and their physical needs was to give them (Level 2) my ideas on the Four Levels model!

Am I just seeing things?

Several other delegates have now reported back saying they are also starting to see geomes all over the place.  They are definitely readers in the making!

Thanks to all those who attended and who are now adding the wonderful world of geomantic readings to their work on Earth Day.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  • Shad Schroeder

    That’s a great view of the earth and the moon from NASA!

    You’ve inspired me, now I’ll be on a quest to see geomes in other places. I really wish I could have seen your lecture. I noticed some ‘big deals’ in your video clip. I saw Paul Voodini, Wayne Bolsolver (Looch), and was that Drew McAdam? I think I recognized a couple others, but not sure. (Not that I know the ones I mentioned, I just know them from the web or items they’ve published.)

    Talking about interconnectedness, isn’t it ironic that we connect about geomancy (our connection to the natural world) through the internet.

    • LesCross Post author

      Yes, NASA have some truly amazing shots. Their videos are also excellent. And yes, the geomes are everwhere!

      As for big deals, yes they were all there, including Ian Rowland, Thomas Heine, Rainer Mees, Danielle Nigris, Ian Johnston and, of course, Todd Landman to name but a few.

      It is ironic, yes. I also used to be dead against the internet when I was first came into contact with it, but I am not too big to admit I was wrong and I have changed my view over time. I have been able to connect with some wonderful people all over the world.

      But for true connectedness you can’t beat meeting in person. One day, Shad, one day.