Geomantic Interest From Bigger Fish

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 15th April 2013

Astrogem Casting for week commencing 15-04-2013

Fortuna Minor in the third house (Gemini) is quincunx to Acquisitio in the tenth (Capricorn) in a Continuing flow.

Geomantic Divination

Connecting again seems to be the order of the day.

Hopefully you have been reflecting on your situation from last week’s casting. This is now a good time to try out some of those practical suggestions which have doubtless occurred to you as a result.

This is the time to make further connections.  Specifically, you will find that relationships and projects which may have started off in a very practical and down-to-earth way will now have a good chance of attracting attention.  And the right kind of attention at that!  The flow of the geomes suggests that you will now be able to access people and thoughts which can move matters a stage further for you.

The next week will see you being able to move from operating and communicating on only an everyday level to one where you can make a real impact on the people who matter.  Don’t miss this opportunity even if it means that you have to travel to grasp it!  (Fortuna Minor is in Gemini, third house matters and Acquisitio’s association with Jupiter).

While the astrological implications suggest that this will be an excellent time for growth (Acquisitio in the tenth), the fact that this is a Continuing flow and there is only a weak quincunx between the geomes this will be a targeted growth (given the influence of Capricorn).  What this means is that any growth is likely to be with a very specific group of people (perhaps just one!) or with projects in very specific areas.

This is a very Geminian influence as it has two potential areas of impact for you:

What you say will be well received , but by only a few – but important – people and what you do will be effective in only a few specialist or particular areas of your life.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives us the very interesting Active Transform, Carcer (12) in the fifth house.  This means that the best way to shape your fate will be to keep on doing (Level 3) and in a clear, dedicated and personally-driven way (Level 4).

The real expansion and and how it relates to your feelings of progress will come when you consider your skills and appeal in respect of what you can offer to others – keep that practical, too.  That is what they will be most interested in (Level 2) but you still need to find a way to help that interest catch fire for them (Level 1).  That will take a little longer to accomplish.

As the Transform resides in the fifth house then what we can say is that this is a good time to avoid obvious distractions and amusements and to keep your mind on higher things a while longer.


The fisherman chooses to go after the bigger fish today.

He uses bait specifically designed to appeal to them.

They are interested.  He waits.


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