A Drop Of Loving

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Rubeus + Conjunctio → Albus (2)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 15th July 2018

Old friends, big ideas, hopes and dreams make a comeback this week. And this time you’ll be ready for them! This week is going to be all centred around change and communicating that change inwardly and outwardly. If you are in Flow you are likely to be already feeling the shifts in the current thanks to Rubeus’s influence last week. But now we see the nature of change itself changing. What was, or is, turbulent has the potential to become distilled down to a little drop of pure and perfect transformation.

Rubeus in the 11th house (Taurus) suggests that your feelings may be tending to be verging on the dramatic and transformational at the moment. Perhaps old friends or, more likely old feelings, hopes and dreams are being reawakened producing unsettling emotions for you. Much of the focus this week is going to be about feelings in general, so let’s dive in…

The intensity and wide-ranging nature of your emotions could easily make you feel as if your life is in upheaval. Please rest assured that it is not, but simply that this is a reflection of how deeply you feel matters with people you care about. There is an element of rebelliousness in nature which quite appeals to you, but Flow is pulling you towards channelling this ocean of emotion towards something more specific.

And while you might have a strong feeling to want to do everything your own way you will know that it is only by connecting and understanding that you will be able to channel your internal energy into more productive outcomes.

The Pars Plutii this week is in the third house (Virgo), as is the Active Transform. This is our underlying direction, pointing to the way forward for the Casting. You may be aiming for mastery. You are seeking to influence. But what you really need at this point is information.

The information you need can only be found in the interaction of your thoughts and emotions with those of others. These others may be more loosely defined as the context or circumstances of your current situation. In other words, you must look to see what is possible and reasonable, challenging where you need to, but accepting where you cannot change matters.

Conjunctio in the first house (Cancer) takes this further by providing details as to the specific actions and direction you need to take to gather the information you need.

To be most productive seek to be nurturing, inclusive and understanding. You will need to avoid being too sentimental however. By balancing self-reflection with your sympathetic thoughts and your excellent memory when it comes to dealing with the emotions of others you will find that this puts you in the perfect state of mind.

Flow indicates that this perfect state is reached when you feel both intuitive and incredibly empathic. It enables you to simultaneously feel and know you are on the right track. In this mood you will be easily able to form new connections, both mental and physical.


Take control of your Destiny


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, July, 2018, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

A Drop Of Loving, Christin Hume, Unsplash, CC0 (700)

The Active Transform this week is Albus (2) in the third house (Virgo). When you operate at this level you will find that this intuitive and empathic feeling enables you to simply know the right thing to do and say in your dealings with others and their feelings. You will be able to communicate with them deeply and wisely, instinctively knowing that what you are doing is right.

The changes and communication you induce in others can be both transformative and, even better, right for all concerned.

And at that point you will have successfully taken the wide and turbulent waters and produced a distilled single drop of pure perfection.

Bestow this only on those who are worthy of having the best from you.


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