Going Deep

Tristitia + Carcer → Laetitia (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 3rd April 2022

This week a trine between the geomes shows Flow having the potential to go very deep. Exactly how deep will be up to you.

Tristitia in the 3rd house (Taurus) shows a change in the ‘relation of relations’. You are likely to see a positive change in the communication with close family and those that you might think of as family. This may also be manifest as a teaching situation or influence. This happens when a sudden event produces a favourable and useful stimulus for growth.

Given the influence of Uranus in this geome you may well find that the initial event arrives by some electronic or ‘unusual’ means. Watch out, therefore, for sudden and unexpected events which spark off a train of growth for you this week.

Carcer in the 7th house (Virgo) later in the week will modify Flow and take matters deeper. It develops both the connection you feel to—and with—others. In other words, they are likely to feel it, too. It changes the depth of experience you have with them. This in turn leads to some very productive cooperation.

Now in order for this depth to develop naturally you will likely find matters taking more time than you originally thought or hoped, but this is as it should be. Take the time necessary to appreciate all the details, information and feeling that you can in the situation.

There will also be some additional external influences which will be coming into play, too. The Pars Uranii in the 9th house (Scorpio) suggests that big external influences which appear to be quite dramatic will need to be kept in perspective. Any sudden drama is likely to just as suddenly disappear. How can you tell the difference between the ones important for you and the drama? The drama does not come from close connections but is more likely to be impersonal or official or in some other way external to your usual sphere.


Going Deep, Corinnabarbara, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Laetitia (4) in the 11th house (Capricorn). This is a wonderful sign. It shows that there is an opportunity to take what is working as a deep relationship to another level entirely. Flow indicates that what was deep knowledge could become sublime and spiritual connection… if you let it.

Indeed, the depth of connection possible will be limited only by your imagination.

Thus you can see milk becomes butter and butter becomes cheese. A single true knife can pass through all of them—maybe at different speeds but the product of each is useful, tastes good and lasts long.


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