Which Will Rule: Your Head Or Your Heart?

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 16th December 2013

This week starts with airy goodwill to all mankind. . . well, mankind fairly close to home anyway.  Family and local travel are very much in mind at the moment.  This isn’t surprising given the festivities to come, of course.  Watch Puella, she is all about thoughts and she will set in motion a train of mentally-related events and scenes which will play out over the next few days.

You will find that it will be good to get things sorted out with the festive season fast approaching.  It’s a time for fun and relaxation.  But while you are getting things sorted here with Puella, be aware that later in the week Via will be putting in an appearance in the fifth house.

This is likely (and obviously) to be a time of lots of new social interactions.  And yes, I do mean interactions.  With Aries the current ruler of that house you can expect plenty of quick starts and emotional expressions.  These are likely to be of the friendly-feeling-veering-to-socially-passionate.  Hmmm, shades of confessions over the Yule punch here!

The Play Is The Thing

It’s almost like you are an actor in a play.  Do you remember that kind of scene in a film where we know that the main actor is going through all the family festivities, but because of something someone has said or done that they have ‘other things’ on their mind?  That’s the kind of ‘other thoughts’ that are likely to be floating around for you this week!

With Via being connected with the new Moon you can expect that these new thoughts are likely to open up new possibilities for you – new relationships, new places to go and new challenges for the new year.  The theme for Via in Aries will be: Quick starts and with the promise of more to follow!  So while there likely to have a few flutters of the heart caused by others you’ll also have a few moments where you give others things to think about too.  What gets really interesting is how the Flow will develop later in the week (see below).

While the aspect between the geomes is a sextile, which is a fortunate sign, we do see a contraction from Puella to Via.  Contractions are not bad things in themselves.  In this case it suggests that while there will be lots for you to think and feel this week not everything will pan out.  Aries gives a headstrong and impulsive feel to what people say and how they act.  Take things with a pinch of salt until you see how serious they are (or at least, until the effects of the alcohol have worn off!)  In the meantime, it is fun to consider the possibilities.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes produces an interesting extension of the Flow:

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, December, 2013, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Rubeus (134)

The addition gives us Rubeus (134) in the seventh house (Gemini).  This gives us more to consider in the casting, that’s for sure!  The Flow indicates that you will be holding back your thoughts about new partnerships.  Rubeus has just a single tap at level 2 indicating that while there is a lot of energy surrounding you from others you may have some doubts about their intentions and it will keep you from going forward with them for the moment.

The Flow indicates that you are right to have second thoughts about committing to any new partnerships, whether these are for work or pleasure.

Listen carefully to your thoughts.  Doubts can inform as to what needs to be checked-out.  Don’t be swayed by silver tongues.  Watch out for the persuasive salesperson.  If something seems ‘too good to be true’ it probably is.  Others may be more interested in their side of the bargain than yours.

As Via Expands into Rubeus your mind and heart will be already primed to talk to each other and will be working well together.

It’s not a matter of whether you should go with your head or your heart.  The advice from Rubeus here is to go with both – but only when they agree.

: : : :

As this is the last posting of the solar year before Yule I thank all of you who have written to me with questions and observations about their own Astrogem castings.

Thanks, too, to all those who have commented on my weekly posts.

We’ll be celebrating with the (now traditional) Yule barbecue (lit using traditional methods and not matches or lighter, naturally), the reading of the solar diary, tipsy chocolate syllabub and the group breaking of the Sun shortbread cake.

I wish all of you a joyous festival and a happy and peaceful New Year.


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