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Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 1st April 2013

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 1st April 2013(590)

The casting drew a double geome today!  When I’d drawn out the first gemstone I noted it and its house, returned it to the gemstone bag and mixed up the gemstones again.  The second drawing gave me exactly the same gemstone.

Rather than just putting up pictures of the geomes I thought it might be fun to have the gemstone and the depiction of the same geome created with my Druid sticks (it obviously wants to be seen!).  Same information, different depiction.

Depending on the type of reading you are giving (and at the last count there are seventeen different types of reading, excluding their variations and the use of Active Transforms!) it is useful to return the gemstone to the bag in order to allow for the possibility of a double (or even treble) drawing as it can give a more nuanced reading.  This is because the basic message of the geome will stay the same but it will be modified by the context of the house meanings.  This gives you some very subtle information about how the situation might play out. It’s worth experimenting with doing this, in my view.  Subtlety is good.

So:  Fortuna Minor in the third house (Gemini) is quincunx to Fortuna Minor in the tenth house (Capricorn) in a Continuing pattern.

Geomantic Divination

Fortuna Minor is usually seen as ‘lesser good fortune’.  In other words ‘good, but not quite as good’ as Fortuna Major.  Using the Four Levels model we can see that there is more to it than this though.  Fortuna Minor is all about the physical dimension and expression of our activities.  All the thinking should have been done and you should now be able to operate with just yourself, what you have around you and the physical environment.

This is a time to be ‘up and doing’.  The third house and Gemini are very much concerned with local connections, local travel and a lot about communication. This is a time when you should show your mettle, to deploy your skills and talents and – above all – to act!

‘Do it now!  Don’t wait!  Put things into action!’ – this seems to be the message over and over.  But by knowing that the same message appears in the tenth house and that there is further information from the Active Transform, we need to temper all this activity.

Last week’s reading was all about the duality of ‘inspiration’ and the ‘need to internalize and make practical’.  This week the flow is progressing towards expression – ‘now go and share with people what you can do’.

The two taps in last week’s Carcer on level 2 have collapsed showing that your time for thinking about things is largely over.  The two new taps which have now opened on Fortuna Minor’s level 4 show this drive to connect more with others. This is also very much the spirit of gemini and the third house.

Use what you have learned and apply it.  Reach out to your audience.  Make those comments.  Pick up the phone and make the call.  Send that email!

Because the geomes are in quincunx then the flow into tenth house reminds us that whatever we do will be seen as a reflection of the person we are – or at least, what people believe you are.  They will feel that whatever they see is the real you, so it’s important that they get the correct impression!  As the tenth is governed by Capricorn, this is going to be an especially important consideration for your public perception, your career and in any venture associated with your public profile.  It is a time when you can affect how people see you, for good or ill.

And it’s that last part which foreshadows a warning.  Fortuna Minor is all about doing things.  Gemini is full of energy and enthusiasm, but sober Capricorn favours hard work, diligence and practicality.  In other words, while you may feel that you have all this pent-up energy and experience which you want to share with others, it warns that you should do so prudently.

The temptation might be present to show off.  Indeed others may encourage you to do this in order to see what you’re made of.  Don’t fall for it.  The current flow is good for self-promotion in the sense of getting in front of your audience. But there is an undercurrent which will keep you back if you just use this as a time for boasting or making promises which you can’t keep.  Only promise things which you can confidently deliver.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives us the Active Transform Populus (12) in the fifth house (Leo).  This is another good sign for connecting to groups.  When you add identical geomes you always get one of the sixteen variations of Populus.

In this case the two new double taps in Populus (12) let us know that in order to make the best of our connections with others this week the important thing will be to share what you have in order to spark ideas in them and to introduce new ideas to the wider world generally.  It’s your ideas and how it inspires them that will be most sought after.

As Populus is in the fifth house you should make the most of your creative interactions with others particularly if there is a gentle, social way you can connect with them.  Let others see you as a gentle person who just happens to have good ideas which they find useful and appealing.  Be receptive to them and don’t hide what you are.  Don’t push yourself at them too hard.

Populus is related to the full moon.  It is a time of completeness and of appearing ‘well rounded’.


People looking for heavy rock albums do not look in the classical music section.

And when they find the heavy rock albums they don’t buy every one they see.


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