Finding lost objects 2

So here we are with another opportunity for geomancy to provide us with inspiration.  This time my wife and I wanted to find a lost portable CD player so that my mother-in-law could listen to a sleep CD. . .

Of course, we’d looked in all the usual and obvious places and asked ourselves where we’d seen it last.  Then followed the usual hunt in adjacent locations and ‘logical’ places for it to have been put in a fit of tidying up – but no sign.

Over to the Oracle. . .

Following on from the lessons of the previous Finding lost objects post, I crafted the question much more specifically and then drew out two gemstones:

12A                     and                  1A

Rubeus                                                    Via

Rubeus was in the eleventh house (Capricorn) and Via was sextile to it in the ninth house (Scorpio).  The Active Transform is therefore Puella (2) in the seventh.

Rubeus was a little worrying, as was the Contracting flow – buried or underground things and in the house of friends, groups, relations with humanity, income from jobs and mother’s removable goods.

Via was interesting:  The way or start of things in the house of politics, law, higher learning, long-distance travel and foreign things.

Well the thing to concentrate on seemed to be the outcome – the Active Transform of Puella (2) (love, gifts, harmony, alliances, resources, movable goods, wife, pleasures, the arts) in the seventh (mate, spouse, partner) and Virgo (inside a pocket or container, storehouse, closets, desks, where files are stored, rooms where work is done; unostentatious, utilitarian places, south by west).

So, lots to do with the wife/partner and the arts, and it was suggesting work and workrooms.  That really meant one of two places:  my wife’s pottery studio or the workroom she uses for weaving.  I had a quick look in the studio, but it didn’t seem to be there.

As for the weaving room – well my wife said she had looked in there. . . and she never took it in there anyway!

So as a dutiful husband (and geomancer) I looked in there again. . .

. . . and there it was!

It did seem to be ‘buried’ (Rubeus) in the room of my wife’s (seventh house) hobby/interest (Virgo) a little cubby-hole made of other items and sitting on top of a roll of my mother-in-law’s off-cuts of kitchen flooring (mother’s removable goods?) right next to a bookcase containing files (Virgo) and books on household management (Virgo), foreign travel and the law (ninth house).  The room itself is a work-room (Virgo) and is quite plain apart from all the weaving, weaving materials and looms (Puella (2)), and as I stood in the doorway the CD player (eleventh house electrical object) was – you’ve guessed it – south west of the centre of the room!

The CD player


Wonderful!  (And yes, we do have the earphones that go with it, thanks!)

So, what are the lessons from this?

  • Asking a clear and very precise question helped remove ambiguity and the need for a second casting this time.
  • I was definitely prepared to act on the results.
  • Possibly as a result of the asking a good question there were more crossovers of interpretation which occurred (from the individual meaning of geome, house and sign).
  • The first two geomes seem to provide context and the Active Transform seemed to give the result – the house meaning being particularly significant.
  • Use the Oracle to its fullest extent and don’t be afraid to look somewhere that people have already looked, or challenge existing ‘thinking’ (Puella (2)).

Again, there could be some retro-fitting of the facts here.  Certainly not all the possible interpretations were correct or could be fitted in (friends, groups, relations with humanity and the specific meaning of Via as a ‘way’, for example).

Notwithstanding any of that, it worked like it was supposed to do – it gave us clues and kept us looking until we found it.

. . . Oooh, I’ve just now thought how Via in the ninth might apply!  It is ‘a way’ – a way for you to start to use it!  Please don’t contact me looking for your lost kitten, buried treasure or forgotten mobile phone!  You use it!

This post isn’t about me.  It’s aim is to show the use and usefulness of geomancy. It relates directly to the Cause:  To get geomancy mainstream once again.  Please take heart and inspiration from this story and give it a go yourself.  You’ll never know until you do.

And like much in life, you’ll never know what you might find.

: : : :

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