Well, What Do You Know?

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 5th January 2015



“Ok, let’s just see how good you are and if you know what you’re doing!”  That’s what the geome say this week in the casting.

The Flow this week shows that some of the external contact and support that you’ve had with others is about to become a bit thinner.  This will throw you back onto your own resources somewhat.

The question then becomes: Can you work without the stabilisers / training start wheels? This week you get to find out whether you’ve got everything you need to pushing out on your own.  This will be a useful time for you, if you approach it in the right way!

Think of it as a time for taking an audit of your capabilities and determination.  Are you ready to move into the big school?

What you’re likely to feel is that you become immediately more concerned and more focused on the local environment, circumstances and your own resources.  Don’t worry -you will not be left high and dry!  You will be able to do whatever you need to do.  This is your chance to find this out for yourself.  It’s not a test, it’s an affirmation.

Just so you know, you are likely to be facing some new questions.  These may come from others or, because you are working without the safety net, you may find the questions are from yourself.

The Flow challenges you with a simple and emotional proposition: Let’s see what you can do with what you’ve got.

Now, some people shy away from challenges.  Others like to have some way of testing how good they are and finding out where they stand.  This second approach brings you clarity and also self-confidence.  That’s what you can best gain out of this time.

You may feel an inexplicable rise in tension, but this is only natural when somebody (in this case ‘Life’) puts you on the spot and says ‘Show me!’

Stay calm, there’s nothing to worry about.  Just do your ‘thing’.


Take control of your Destiny


When all is said and done you will feel that this week is actually more a lesson to be learned.  The lesson is about whether you can establish and re-establish yourself in changing circumstances.  Do you really know what you think you know?

And of course, there is only one way to find out.

That’s why I said this is more like an audit than an examination.  It’s time for you to find out about yourself.

(You may even find the others don’t care as much as you thought they might.  That’s not important at the moment, as it happens.)

The key will be to keep your eyes focused on what you have to do and to avoid freezing up if you find yourself in any new or potentially stressful situation.

Keep light on your feet.

Just get the job done, get the outcome, get the results.  Be calm, focused and show what you have learned.

You will be the only one ‘marking your exam’ and only you will see the results.




There were no rogues this week.




An interesting, and possibly challenging, casting at first sight!

It seems as though there is not much going on: both geomes in the same house and therefore both in the same sign.

Not only that but the only change is to the two taps at Level 1 of Populus yielding to a single tap at Level 1 of Laetitia.

This gives us our change in the external mental realm.

The focus of a conjunction – and in the third house – makes for a certain amount of tension in our local environment, possibly offering challenges in our communication with others.

The fact that these all occur in Aquarius brings the dispassionate and potentially even uncaring aspect of the challenge to the fore.

The Active Transform is also Laetitia also in the third house.

This suggests both the grounding and that there will be little movement until lessons have been brought into awareness.

If ever you wanted a demonstration that a little change can produce a big effect, this would be it.



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