Use A Scalpel Not An Arrow

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 21st June 2015


Happy Lithia (Summer solstice) to all my readers! It’s Midsummer – let’s count the number of people who say “Ah, the nights are drawing in now”.


If you’re inclined to involve others heavily in your plans this week, you might want to think again. It’s not that they will be helpful exactly, it’s just that their ideas are likely to be either impractical or that they are more interested by in their own problems.

The likely consequence of this is that it will largely be up to you to do the bulk of the work — I know, such a surprise! Their ‘legwork’ is likely to be restricted to ‘legging it’, that is running away from the most important issues.

To be honest, their ideas are likely to be impractical anyway and you will be better off without them. If they do want to make an input into what you’re doing you’ll notice that their ideas are very scattered and that they seem to be missing the point much of the time.

You will also likely find that their constant shifting ground and changes of mind will drive you mad! This will be the moreso because they don’t seem to have any clear reasoning for what they do. So don’t try to find any rhyme or reason to their thinking! You will only waste time and effort trying to unpick what they are doing rather than spending it productively on what you need to get done otherwise.

You, however, will be very clear about what you need to do and what needs doing overall. This is likely to apply most in a work situation and, especially, to your particular role in doing what needs doing. As the saying goes ‘You know your own way best’.

Frankly, you are likely to find that things will go smoother if it doesn’t involve too much group-work. You will find that you will get more done, and done better and faster by doing it yourself.


Take control of your Destiny


The real plus for you will be that you will find more opportunities to get what you want if you travel lighter and without other people’s assistance. You’ll find that despite other people’s best efforts to ‘help’ it will be better if you sort matters out on your terms.

Naturally, you won’t do this in an unfeeling or uncaring way. It’s just a recognition of the fact that you are the best person to do what needs to be done.

Actually there is a key benefit to you here: because others are either so wrong in their approach or are missing the point you will be able to see very clearly what does need doing. And that will help you channel your resources to exactly where they are best needed.

Every cloud has a silver lining!




There were no Rogues this week.



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