The Magic Ingredient

Fortuna Major + Acquisitio → Conjunctio (34)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22nd March 2020

Now, more than ever, we see how much we are joined by nature. We are joined by our humanity first and by our technology and philosophy afterwards. To those of you suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus I wish you a full and speedy recovery. To those who are isolated (for whatever reason) I send you my sympathy and hope that you will soon be able to carry on your life again… not ‘just the same as before’ — better!


It makes sense to start the Casting this week by talking about the Pars. The Pars Solii this week is in the eight house (Libra). The obvious interpretation of this is that you have been trying to please too many people for too long. The more you try to do so the more difficult you are like to have found it has been to move forward towards your goals and objectives. This is an interesting point, as we shall see.

Fortuna Major in the second house (Aries) indicates that you have been trying to move your ideas ahead by considering their emotional impact. Perhaps you’ve been too caught up with these emotions though. The strength of feeling you have is a great drive to push you forward. But by continuing to do so you are likely to hit a wall. Something more is needed. Some new ingredient.

Acquisitio in the seventh house (Virgo) gives an indication of what this needs to be — other people! However, given the fact that we know that trying to please people is not the best way forward in Flow (from the interpretation of the Pars) how should this be interpreted?

[Students of Astrogem will note the very simple progression of the Taps in the geomes in the Casting. The two Taps at Level 1 Continue through all the geomes. The two Taps at Level 2 seem to progress downwards and then open. Note how they travel down to Level 3 in Acquisitio and then down again to Level 4 in the Active Transform, Conjunctio.]

The magic ingredient, Zoli Gy, Pixabay, Pixabay, (CC0)

This shows that the focus is not simply taking other’s feelings into account but rather using the understanding and behaviour of others to tailor your way forward. In other words, don’t feel for them so much as feel with them. Seek to understand what they say and do. See how you can gain fresh perspective, understanding and refinement from their input. Observe them, don’t pander to them. See what you can learn!


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (34) in the 12th house (Aquarius). This is the melting pot. This is the need and the ability to allow your intuition to guide your way forward.

Your current way forward may have been hampered by too much emotional content but it is this learning and understanding of what others do and why they do it which can help give you fresh perspectives.

However, it is only when you allow your intuition to take and blend your understanding and add its magic ingredient that new pathways open up.

Now, don’t worry if new ways seem unusual.

If ‘new’ wasn’t ‘different’ it wouldn’t be different!

What you need now is something different enough to make a difference.

Allow your intuition to help you create something new — that is magic ingredient.

It is that which will change what you’ve got into what you want.


Keep well and healthy, my friends!

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Thank you.


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