The Helping Hand Helps You

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Albus + Fortuna Minor → Cauda Draconis
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 19th August 2018

You have the potential to benefit greatly from your ideas and actions this week. You can do this by helping others in a particular way. Unselfish devotion to the cause is likely to yield an unselfconscious reward.

Albus in the ninth house (Aries) shows that you are likely to see new thoughts, philosophies and approaches beginning to appear. The possibility of travelling far will occur to you. This is likely to be a mental journey but it could also be ‘onwards and inwards’ (Hat-tip to Steve D. for that phrase). However this manifests you are likely to find lots of ideas are starting to bubble in your mind. Plans will be starting to fall in place and difficulties beginning to resolve themselves.

Most importantly you are likely to find new movement in your ideas and options. Possibilities will begin to expand greatly and you are likely to see quick decisions about big matters.

Here’s an interesting idea to keep in mind: You are likely to experience small thoughts about big thoughts.

If you are in Flow you will probably be able almost watch the ideas occurring to you. Some are likely to be fast while others have been brewing for some time. Many ideas will occur to you as both urgent and in sympathy with other people’s needs.

As Flow continues on to the second geome this week you will to see new contacts forming, probably from older people.

Many of your thoughts are likely to be about other people, either helping them or simply involving them. The Pars Mercurii in the 11th house (Gemini) provides an important insight into the whole of the Casting related to this. It seems you have wanted to convey your ideas for sometime but have not always found the right people with whom to communicate. Many of your actions now, however, are going to relate to long-term hopes and the wisdom of taking any action. To move things forward most beneficially you’ll need to keep your ideas focused on your goals. Feel your goals pulling you forward. It is only by keeping that purity of spirit of intention that you will be able to get understanding from others. Focus on immediate outcomes is likely to be seen by others as being too short-term. Keeping the overall goal in mind keeps your eyes up towards the horizon.

Fortuna Minor in the seventh house (Aquarius) continues this theme. Try to find ways to work together beneficially for all parties. You will need to think wider than the immediate result. This shows your commitment rather than simply stating it. This in turn enables others to see the truth within your thoughts words and deeds.

You may find that a lot of work is being suggested on all sides but it will be useful and it will be productive. Any concern about effort will evaporate if you look to the overall benefit and the benefits in connection with others. It therefore helps to have a wider appeal application than just immediate problems facing you (or them).

If you get this right then others will respond quickly. And you’ll know that you’re on the right track when you can see an immediate practical outcome or application.

Keep the working relationship moving along and avoid getting bogged down in detail.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (3) in the fifth house (Sagittarius). In your dealings with others you will be seeking completion, to finish off the work. But bearing in mind that you will working to the wider picture and keeping that forward vision you are likely to find that any completion leads on to an immediate next step. When you get the momentum then each next step should be completed fairly readily. (It’s like that impressive move in draughts/checkers where you get to skip over many of the opposition’s counters at one go.)


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, August, 2018, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

The Helping Hand, Alex Boyd, Unsplash, (CC0)


The balance here is to avoid thoughts and actions from being self-serving. Keep away from the short-term. How to do this? Act only to help others. Be that helping hand. Work towards helping them finish off. Use this as an opportunity to test your approach. When you let your desire to help be your motivation you will find that you, too, benefit. But don’t let your potential reward or benefit be your motivation. Don’t do it for the reward.

Do it to help.

Do it because it needs doing.

Only in this way can you keep the purity of approach.

It is in this way that you end up benefitting almost accidentally.


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