More Than A Handshake

Fortuna Minor in the 8th house (Leo) suggests that one of the major factors you will be considering this week is your available resources, specifically yours and someone else’s money (and how to make their money your money). There could be a number of ways to do this but Flow […]

Tip Of Your Tongue

This is a very positive and strong flow of positive influences this week. That being said, events at the start might make things seem a little out of reach… Albus in the 12th house (Sagittarius) shows a positive, buoyant underlying mood this week. That does not mean that you will […]

Pressure Cooker

Carcer is in the 7th house (Cancer). The two double taps at levels 2 and 3 of the geome show a clear concentration of effort on relationships this week. The fact that all the geomes in the Casting are conjunct in the 7th house indicates a particularly intense focus on […]

Gently Does It

Happy New Year to you! I wish you health, prosperity and success in all your ventures in the coming year. Laetitia in the 8th house (Leo) indicates that at the start of the week you will be more likely to act on impulse rather than on ‘heavy thinking’. The sextile […]

Last And First | Yule 2023

Thank you if you have been following my weekly Castings. So, here we are at the end and the start of another year! On this page I’ll post the photographs people send of the Last sunset and the First sunrise of the solar year. I’ll keep this page open and […]