A Question Of Brexit – The Answer Revealed! 4

Last week I made a prediction about Brexit. I created a Casting about what Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, would announce about the process and strategy for Brexit today. Not everything I said came up, but I am fairly happy with the interpretation I gave… I’ll let you be […]

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Finding lost objects 2

So here we are with another opportunity for geomancy to provide us with inspiration.  This time my wife and I wanted to find a lost portable CD player so that my mother-in-law could listen to a sleep CD. . . Of course, we’d looked in all the usual and obvious […]

Travel one way, look another

Geomantic divination for the week commencing 15th October 2012                                            Fortuna Minor in the ninth (Gemini) is square to Amissio in the twelfth (Virgo) in a Continuing pattern. Geomantic Divination […]

Up and running

A big “thank you” to all those who have been looking at this website and an even bigger “thank you” to all those who have ordered a copy of the new book! In addition to teaching you how to use this ‘forbidden oracle’ I thought you might like to hear […]