Doing The Work

This week sees the prospect of significant progress which will be in direct proportion to the energy put into the process. It is all within your control.   Albus in the 5th house (Leo) is a useful and powerful placement this week. You are likely to find a strong and […]

No Shortcuts

Conjunctio in the 10th house (Capricorn) indicates that whatever long or large project you have been working on recently seems, finally, to be making some progress. Perhaps you’ve been working on a big idea or maybe some long-term cause. Whichever it is it seems as though at times it’s been […]

Snow Globe

This week a powerful conjunction in the 6th house, (Leo), indicates somewhat of a whirlwind of events and circumstances may be facing you. Via in conjunction with Rubeus in the 6th house place the Active Transform in the same house, Leo. Taken together these can give somewhat of a roller-coaster […]

Impose Your Will

This week you need to keep a clear head and focus. It is a week calling for caution in a number of areas. It is likely you could gain help from an unusual source, so keep yourself open to new possibilities. Laetitia in the 1st house, (Pisces), shows that you […]


Conjunctio in the 1st house (Pisces) indicates that you will be being a channel for what you want to happen in your life this week. New ideas will be floating around and new possibilities will occur to you. Not only that but it seems like the way to achieve whatever […]