Communicating Meaning

  This week Flow is all about communication. Each of the geomes is in an Air-sign and the overall message of the Casting is very clear: Communicate — near, far and deeply. Conjunctio in the third house (Gemini) gives us the first indication of this theme. So much has been […]

Circle Or Shift

This week sees yet another influence from the sixth house and again with the 12th house prominently featured and again with Tristitia. It seems like there are still lessons to be learned, or rather gained, from Flow this week. The theme is most decidedly a time of turning point. But here […]

Switching The Points

With Rubeus in the twelfth house (Pisces) in a square aspect you will be feeling deep feelings stirring this week. These will not come as clear ideas but rather as glimpses of something going on deep within your subconscious. You will also feel that restrictions are being broken and that […]

Essential Travel Supplies

The Flow this week indicates that this is a good time to find out what works. Acquisitio in the sixth house (Leo) shows that there will be a need to move from being somewhat generous in your approach to others to being more focused on what you need and want. […]

Practical Intuition

  Some powerful forces are lining up this week. The New Moon is cast conjunct to the Sun in a powerful and far-reaching display. This gives the Active Transform in the same house and the strong influence of the Pars in the first house. Conjunctions are always interesting and with […]