Start And Don’t Stop

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Populus + Carcer → Carcer
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 19th November 2017

It’s an unusually clear, direct and straightforward interpretation for the Casting this week: Get started and don’t stop until you finish!

Populus in the first house is conjunct with Carcer in the first house (Scorpio). This means that the Active Transform is also Carcer with the Pars Luna also residing in the first.

This is a dramatic combination of heavyweights in a powerful aspect, in a powerful sign and in a powerful house. As far as the tides of our fortune is concerned you can consider this high tide to be a Spring tide. If you were waiting for the opportune moment, then it’s now!

Given that the House and therefore sign stay the same it shows there is a remarkable focusing of energy from the outside into the concentrated moment of now. There is a casting-off of mooring lines and a focus on you to start.

Depending on exactly where you are in your personal Flow you may feel more of Populus’s culmination and coming together at the start of the week. Others may be under starter’s orders and just waiting for final notice to set off.

There should be no mistaking the fact that matters have come to a head, however, and that now is the time to take action. Populus indicates that everything has reached (or is just about to reach) the point where almost anything is possible for you.

When the tide of Flow is so strong it helps us to realise that this applies to all areas of our life. A high tide affects everything it touches: rocks, sailors, seaweed, boats, harbour walls, swimmers, buoys… everything. It is the same tide. But depending on what it is affecting the same tide will produce different results. Items which are fixed like harbour walls, rocks and seaweed get increasingly submerged under the waves. Items which float like buoys and boats float higher. A wider view sees the effect of Sun and Moon and the cyclic nature of the patterns. The wise know what to do with the tide, how to use it to their advantage. They know the risks of going and of staying. And they take action accordingly.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, November, 2017, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Start And Don’t Stop, Alan Carrillo on Unsplash (CC BY 0)

Carcer provides both the teaching and the experience necessary for the physical effort. The first house is all about you and it’s all about starts. It’s going to be your plans, your effort and — ultimately — about your success. And given that all this is happening in Scorpio then we can expect extra transformative power is added to this drive.

You know the problems and you know what you got to do to solve them. Don’t think you don’t! If you don’t know consciously then you certainly know unconsciously and in your heart-of-hearts.

Scorpio’s transformative influence combined with the weight of Carcer’s authority means that this can be a usefully testing time.

You are at the water’s edge. You can’t stay where you are. Whatever you do will require you to start and not stop.

Turn back, get on dry ground and set off home — but move.

Cast off, set sail and get out into deep water — but move.

And once you’re moving don’t stop until you get where you’re going.

Whether you go or stay is your choice. You are free to choose your actions.

But what you are NOT free to choose is the consequences of those actions!

The tide is now.

Flow will change again and the tide will change.

Will the change find you at home or sailing the high seas — captain of your own ship?

Those that set sail will not necessarily find it an easy voyage. As the saying goes, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” (John A. Shedd)

If you stay at home then hopes and dreams could become shipwrecked on ‘Someday Isle’ (“Someday I’ll…”. Yeah, right!).

Remember the lines of Captain Jack Sparrow…


The time is now.

It is better to regret the things that you did do rather than to regret the things you didn’t.


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