Skating On Thin Ice

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Amissio + Rubeus → Cauda Draconis (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 4th December 2016


You are likely to have some very creative thoughts this week. And Amissio in the fifth house (Pisces) will give you a lot of opportunity to show off your ideas.

You will likely feel inspired by your own thoughts and you will likely be mixing with people who will encourage you and who will want to see your best.

With the Venusian influence in the house of social ability — and in such a charming sign as Pisces — you will probably find everything from an opportunity to dress up, to networking, to social events lining up. This will provide a seemingly easy ride to connect with people. But it’s that word ‘seemingly’ which sounds a note of caution.

It’s always difficult, when you find that the path suddenly gets better and more even, to remember all the hard work, skills and prudence that was able to get you to that point in the first place. But this week will provide a clear example. Not everything will be quite what it seems and you will need a careful eye to notice what is image and what is substance.

There is the possibility that you could get carried away unless you can see and feel where the Flow is going. How best to do this? Well, there will be tell-tale signs if you look for them…

Rubeus in the 10th house (Leo) shows that as you try to realise your plans this week others will seem to give you a full and fair hearing. This in itself is a warning sign. It seems that you are pushing against an open door. It seems that suddenly you can do no wrong! It seems that they are taking on board everything you say.

Why weren’t they like this before? (There’s your warning bell!)

Maybe if you thought that they were giving you enough rope to hang yourself you would be a little more cautious. If you keep that in mind then you may be able to see what lies ahead. If you know that they would be happy for you to skate on thin ice then perhaps you can tailor your message to suit.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (13) in the third house (Capricorn). You can see the collapse of the double Taps at Levels 1 and 3 in Rubeus while still maintaining the double Taps at Level 4. Given such a Contracting Flow and that the external physical environment remains open you can get a clear idea that the message for this week is that you will eventually have to make good on your promises.

Knowing that you need to make sure that you don’t promise too much!

There is a fine line here between wanting to impress others with the strength of your conviction, opportunity and capabilities while they are just waiting to see exactly how far you will go in committing yourself.

It’s not exactly manipulative, but it’s not exactly that useful to you either. So long as you know that this is the situation you can plan how best to approach it. That’s the point of the Casting after all!


Skating on thin Ice - Andrepmeyer Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Skating on thin Ice – Andrepmeyer Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


Another warning sign to look for is that they will be noncommittal. You may feel the urge to push or show off more just so that you can get a reaction from them. But, again, if you know that ‘everything you say may be used against you’ (as it were) it might help you be appropriately cautious in what you offer.

The pars Venusii lies in the eighth house (Gemini) and shows that when you know what the ‘game’ is you will be able to get the outcome that you desire, but know that it will take both time and effort on your part.

When you feel happy that you are prepared for that degree of time and effort, checking your support as you go, you will be able to feel confident that you can deliver what you promise.

The Active Transform shows that you need to be on firm ground at each stage. If you check that you have the resources you need before you make your move you will be much more likely to feel that you are calling the shots.


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