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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 30th June 2014

The Flow has definitely moved on apace this week and you should be clearer in how you want to communicate and share ideas with the people around you.  In fact, it’s your relationship with others which is going to play a significant part in this week’s events.

The first part of the week will see you thinking and acting in a way which helps you connect with others more.  This is the time to let people know that you have something to offer them.

Actually, they need to see you putting yourself out to help them.  At first you might think you’re doing all the running, but without them seeing the changes you have made in around yourself they won’t easily find a way to understand what you are trying to do.

Push out as much as you are able.  Express yourself!

You may find at first that others don’t seem to be listening – but you’d be wrong.  They are actually very keen on knowing what you have to say.  They will have their own agenda and you may need to adapt what you offer them slightly.

Don’t change what you fundamentally have to offer, however.  Seek out those people who can directly benefit from your ideas and efforts.  In other words, bring your ideas to those who you think will benefit and allow them to suggest minor tweaks in your approach.  If they start suggesting big changes then they are not your best audience.

You will know when you find the right people because things will just ‘click’.  You will want to work together, it will feel good and they will bring you something in return. They will bring you hope.

If you feel you’ve been plodding a long and weary path for a long time then connecting with the right people will bring you a great deal of satisfaction.  The fact that they understand where you’re coming from and can easily pick up your ideas and start using them shows that you been right all this time.  They will provide you with the confirmation you need.

Take control of your Destiny

You are likely to see events moving quite quickly this week.  The best way to position yourself is to get ready to consider new approaches.  Don’t think your ideas are permanently fixed.  As soon as others understand what you are saying they are likely to want to adapt your ideas to their own ends.  This is a good thing!  What it does require of you though is not to be too precious about your ideas.

The Flow indicates that it is unlikely that projects will stay in their current form.  They won’t change radically but they will need tweaking.  If you know this ahead of time then you can prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the inevitable changes.  Don’t see changes as criticism, view them instead as signs that people are keen to work with you and to use your ideas.


Acquisitio in the third house (Leo) shows by its pair of double taps that we need to push out with our ideas (Level 1) and our physical efforts (Level 3).  Given that this is in the house of communication and in such a warm and sociable sign as Leo we can expect a ready social reception for our plans.

Via in the fifth house – again notice the social component – shows that at first our ideas are likely to meet with a few blank stares.  This is not a bad sign as any of the taps has the potential to expand outwards.

What actually happens in this sextile aspect is that we get two new taps in Levels 2 and 4 of Amissio (24) in the seventh house (Sagittarius).

Via is always reflective.  It is the beginning and ending of journeys.  In this case it seems to be the start of the journey to explore your ideas and form partnerships with others.  Acquisitio is reflected in Via to give Amissio – what was a double tap becomes a single tap and vice versa.  This shows that the transition from one side of Via to the other is a change from working singly to working in partnership, from your ideas to their ideas.


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