Seeking Fundamental Change

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Tristitia + Acquisitio → Rubeus (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 12th February 2017

Powerful forces are shaping up within Flow this week. Gentle influences mingle with strong forces to produce an actively changing situation. Given the way Flow produced the end of a cycle last week, this week you are likely to feel a need to find your feet and to start create the future you want.

With Tristitia in the eighth house (Virgo) you will see that there is opportunity to make more of the circumstances around you that you want. This is not likely to return things to normal but rather it is likely to help you create a ‘new normal’.

In any process of change you’ll need to be deliberate. Some matters will need to ‘settle’ after being changed, while others should be capitalised. When you shake a snow globe there needs to be some time for the scene to settle in order to see the bigger view in detail. At the start of the week you will find that it’s best to keep your eye on the big picture so that the details fall into the right places.


Snow Globe, Noël Zia Lee Flickr


If you are feeling Flow deeply then you are probably feeling curious and will want to investigate exactly how far you can go with the opportunities currently on offer to you. Again, just because you are curious about an interesting situation it doesn’t mean you have to follow it up. In the current situation it’s likely that change will happen and then change again. It is unlikely therefore that the first change will therefore be the end result.

Acquisitio in the 12th house (Capricorn) indicates that you’ll need to be guided by your broadest instincts. Focus on your goals, of course, but if you take the trouble to make sure that these are expressed kindly you are more likely to see them realised. Acquisitio also suggests that even though you are faced with a cave of many gemstones it will be in your interest to be selective and controlled in your enthusiasm. Using your insight to find the rarer gems and to reach for the bigger prizes will serve you better in the long run.

By all means make the most of what comes your way but keep your deepest motivations to yourself. Take private pleasure in seeing what you are working for coming to pass. The pars Uranii is in the fifth house (Gemini) and suggests another area for opportunity to strike in times of change. It indicates that while chance encounters may seem beneficial it will be through careful consideration that you will be able to judge best which opportunities to take. This is sound general advice in life of course. But here the message is clear: resist the urge to have something just because you can. Think carefully if it’s worth it, but be prepared to take a chance on new ideas.

Part of the challenge over the coming week will be to hold back your impatience. If you can resist the immediate for the worthy you will find that you can conserve your energy better for the long haul.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Rubeus (4) in the fourth house (Taurus). This shows that Flow will ultimately be trying to find a way to shake the foundations of some of the things we take for granted.

This is not threatening but rather a useful way of testing for what is dross. It tests the extent of usefulness. In other words it’s likely that only what is good, helpful, worthwhile and durable will get through your life filter unscathed.

Given that the Casting has a trine aspect you are not likely to be too sad or inconvenienced about losing anything which is actually worthless.

Seek therefore to be definite but not so solid as to be fixed and unchanging. Keep open to what is changing, and be happy about dropping the unnecessary in order to grab hold of the essential.


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