Putting Your Foot Forward

Tristitia + Puer → Fortuna Minor (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 17th November 2019

Tristitia in the fourth house (Aquarius) suggests a degree of change and uncertainty in what you’re trying to achieve this week. This placement would normally suggest that the changes were going to be in — or at — home, but with the Pars Uranii, being in the 10th house (Leo) in opposition we can see that any change or uncertainty you feel is more likely going to be related to what you’re trying to accomplish instead.

Tristitia here indicates changes of mind and new patterns of thinking. Given that the aspect between the geomes is a square you can expect this new thinking to be more ‘disruptive’ than ‘creative’.

Disruption in this sense is not a bad thing! It gets you out of ruts and promotes new ways of thinking rather than just new thoughts. Sometimes you need to think the unthinkable and to consider different approaches than usual…

Puer in the seventh house (Taurus) shows that the changes presented by Flow are very likely to spill over into your relationships with others.

If you use the energy of the interaction while still keeping to what all parties know to be solid ground then this is a time when real progress can be made. If the energy of disagreement is just dissipated then you can simply expect clashes and arguments. If that starts to happen then draw on the power of the fourth house’s core values and the seventh house’s Taurean solidity to seek the common ground that you all agree on instead. Once that is established use the strength and passion of people’s intentions to enrich understanding and find ways for all to work together.

The Pars Uranii also suggests that some of the problems you are facing could easily be of your own making — not through lack of thought but rather because you simply could not foresee the way matters have turned out in detail. This is not a failing, it is feedback! Nobody could have foreseen in detail the way matters have worked out. You’ll simply need to chalk the details up to experience.

Putting your foot down is unlikely to help. Instead of that, put your foot forward, it is much more likely to yield results.

Putting your foot down, Brian Patrick Tagalog, Unsplash, (CC0) (700)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Minor (4) in the 10th house (Leo). One of the key ways to ensure that you stay focused is to remind yourself of the greater goals to which you are working. Communicating these goals to others is important, too.

This is the way to help ensure that all changes or disagreements are made with reference to the blueprints, map and goal of the way ahead. This helps to avoid things becoming too personal. It helps prevent ego getting in the way. By ensuring that you are problem-solving instead of ego-challenging you will help to keep yourself, and others, going in the right direction with the maximum available energy.


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