Loaded Up And On The Move

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Amissio + Via → Aquisitio (13)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 10th June 2018

Are you ready to make the most of the change?

This week we see yet another driver from the fourth house. This is obviously a key time in Flow to make important adjustments to our core, our home and our surroundings. This is a time to make significant arrangements to enable you to get on a better track. You will find the potential for growth by working through to a new, more appropriate direction. In some cases this will see a significant change in how and where you apply your effort.

Amissio in the fourth house (Virgo) shows that your thoughts are likely to be channelled along making personal corrections in details. The fourth house suggests that these changes are likely to revolve around making improvements in your local surroundings. That said, these should begin to phase out as the new direction of Flow takes hold later in the week. The changes in your local surroundings may need to continue to be made, but you’ll find a new depth of meaning to them as the week progresses.

Matters are likely to clarify themselves this week. You may experience this is a change from concentrating on what you can’t do to what you can do. You’re likely to refocus on your priorities in a positive way. In other words, you will be directing matters forward toward solutions, not simply trying to limit problems.

It’s likely therefore that you will find your actions are focused more on you and what you do rather than on other people’s actions. This puts you more firmly in charge.

Your work for and with other people around the home may begin to get channelled in another direction of work as the week progresses, as will see.

The Pars Venusii this week is in the 11th house (Aries). This is a significant placement in the context of Flow this week. It indicates that the primary driver for you recently has been to keep to your plans. You have wanted to take the long-term view particularly with other people and that is all to the good. It is not only an underlying theme in your heart at the moment but one which will be important when we consider the Active Transform in a moment.

Via in the sixth house (Scorpio) is also going to be a significant influence this week. It’s what will be prompting a rethink of your thoughts of efforts. You can think of this as the beginning of a transformative change, or maybe even a wake-up call.

It’s going to be important that you aim to avoid too much pressure and stress this week. You can start helping yourself by realising that it is largely you who are imposing time pressures on yourself with only a little bit of the pressure coming from outside.

Instead of trying to deal with all your problems all the time you will find it helps to focus simply on only those things for which you are responsible.

Your own plans have largely been driving your actions so far. However you are likely to find some external ideas and mental inspiration from outside help with this change of focus.

As the week progresses you are likely to find that you are changing from working productively to aiming to work practically. This is most likely to appear if you are finding your routine difficult to maintain. There is no real need for this. You just need to be a bit kinder to yourself and matters will resolve themselves quickly and easily.

Please take all practical and necessary steps to avoid the stress. Get plenty of rest. In particular, protect yourself in all matters related to regeneration and reproduction.

As the week progresses you will find more and more instances of situations where you need to move on. Stress will probably make you swing between extremes and will be a useful indicator that you need to keep a sense of proportion for what comes next.

Go inside. Face reality. Make the big decisions. And then move on.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Acquisitio (13) in the eighth house (Capricorn). This is an excellent placement to allow you to capitalise on where Flow is likely to progress next. From the pinch-point of Via you will find that you will be in a position to capitalise on a new kind of freedom.

You’ll feel expansion of ideas and physical progress brought about through the hard work and effort on your part. You may be loaded up, but at least you’re moving.

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, 2018, June, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Loaded up and on the move, Rohit Choudhary Raj, Wikimedia, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

You’ll find that it will feel liberating to be getting movement — good solid progress.

This ties back to the Pars: The key to benefiting from the power of the Active Transform this week will be to do what feels significant to you.

You need to make the big choices and the big decisions — now.

Start moving them forward with small, simple actions.

Face things as they really are.


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