Emotional Zigzag

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Via + Rubeus → Puella (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 17th June 2018

This week sees some significant potential for shifts in your thoughts and feelings. Some areas may seem to slip out of your control, while other areas catapult forward! Underneath all this, little will stay constant. For many the week may feel rather piecemeal or bitty. But for those in Flow matters and opportunities will be seen differently.

Via in the fourth house (yes, the fourth house yet again!) indicates an atmosphere of sensitivity on your part. You may be feeling a little vulnerable at the moment. To counter this you may have tried to bring yourself some comfort both physically and emotionally. It’s likely that the simplest way you found to do this was by improving your surroundings. Given the Lunar nature of the geome this has been a bit of an uphill task. Circumstances will often have been conspiring against you. Several times you may have found yourself having to start over on a job you thought you’d finished simply because external circumstances had changed.

You might have recognised in yourself that this can make all the activity look a little fussy, but that’s about to change. Underpinning all this is a restless longing for more and better. Your thoughts and feelings will get bigger. But they will not do so simply by seeking security — you’ll find that security is not enough on its own!

Much of the current situation is being driven by the Pars Luna in the eighth house (Capricorn). This suggests that the root of much of how you’re feeling at the moment is because you’ve tried to be too practical and considerate. And again, given the Lunar nature of the Pars, this is an influence which has been changing – or rather slipping away and morphing almost as you watch.

Sensitivity on your part may have ended up with you simply becoming emotional. What you’ve tried to manage has left you feeling that you might be trying to control too much. In trying to stay on top of it all people may have thought you looked steady on the surface, but that you are troubled underneath.

Rubeus in the ninth house (Aquarius) is likely to produce a dramatic change in these circumstances, however. Be prepared for new ideas and sudden changes as the week progresses.

At first these shifts may not feel necessarily welcome. Just one more darned thing to worry about in an ever-shifting set of circumstances. In fact, it’s simply a natural extension of what you’ve been working on and hoping for. The inspiration that you experience in this change of direction will actually be based on hard practical lessons you have learned previously.

The first sign of this change is likely to be in how you approach those already on your wavelength. New and potentially radical ideas will begin to bubble up in your interactions with others. This may show as some unconventional thinking and learning to which you become exposed or which you can provide.

This new direction will remove the controlling and local nature of your thoughts to something more freethinking and wide-ranging. Control will give way to finesse and ultimately freedom to express more widely your emotions. Thinking related to yourself or small groups will expand, potentially to involve all of humanity, if you let it.

Naturally, you may not take everyone with you at once or at first attempt. Seek to inspire. Seek to find the higher learning.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puella (1234) in the second house (Cancer). This is continuing the zigzaging of direction by taking you higher and deeper. The results of you widening your thoughts and heart will be to have more loving thoughts. This does not just mean thoughts of love, however, but is much more encompassing and compassionate, fully and deeply rooted in your connection with others.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, June, 2018, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Emotional Zigzag, Todd Quackenbush, Unsplash (CC0)

It enables you to have, and to express, strong feelings. To make people feel safe and secure. To nurture and to enjoy the present.

Within yourself it means you will need to seek commitment rather than boring predictability. You need quality and to solidify and express what you really feel and need. You will need to show you care in the widest the deepest sense.

That is the way to move Flow from sensitivity through transformation to a wider audience and finally to acceptance.


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