Lessons Learned

Fortuna Minor + Cauda Draconis → Albus (12)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th May 2020

This week sees you able to move forward with the lessons you have learned.

Fortuna Minor in the 11th house (Pisces) shows your ability to creatively and imaginatively do the things you need to do. Given that the Pars Solii is also in the 11th house you can see that what was once a problem is a problem no more. What was too big previously is now the right size. You have now grown into the position and role you need be in in order to move forward. Where once you might have felt not up to the task, you are now ready.

The main area in which this is likely to manifest is with your long-term associations and your long-term aspirations. You have been working hard to prepare the ground and you have the scars to prove it! You have established your credentials and can now see the path in front of you much more clearly.

Cauda Draconis in the ninth house (Capricorn) suggests that there is still some unfinished work which needs to be completed. Fortunately, you are much less likely to be distracted now. You are much more aware of the responsibilities and true requirements of what you called to do. You have paid the price to earn your place at the table and to be taken seriously.

Now, however, you cannot lighten-up. This is no time to rest on your laurels. This is the time to show what you are made of. This is important!

Lessons learned, Frank Busch, Unsplash, (CC0)

In acquiring these hard-won lessons you must not abandon the learning which got you where you are. Your new ‘you’ needs to be your new normal. You mustn’t forget the lessons just because you have passed the exam!

You need to continue to operate at this new and higher level. In graduating you have to do continue to perform at graduate level.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Albus (12) in the seventh house (Scorpio). This indicates that the most useful way you can now progress is by forming inspired partnerships.

Look to those who can recognise your worth. Look to those who need all of you. Look to those who value your true worth.

Treasure should only be shared with those who appreciate its true worth.

Be determined to show them.




There was a Rogue this week: Rubeus in the first house (Taurus). In some ways the Rogue is the key to understanding and unlocking the Casting. Rubeus here is transformative in all you see do. It is this which shows lessons learned.

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