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Fortuna Major + Puer → Cauda Draconis (34)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 11th February 2018

This week social connections and friendships focus on a deepening relationship. There is a ‘royal feel’ to events this week. The sextile aspect makes things flow easily in what you set out to do and it is your inner direction which will benefit most at present.

Fortuna Major in the fifth house (Gemini) shows that your thoughts and efforts about your personal interactions are changing. Now is the time to move from ideas to actions. You’ll find many conversations seem to centre around one particular theme — at least in your head. It’s as though all roads are leading you home. Interactions that you have with others will be both friendly and seemingly all part of a pattern. Ideas and themes will begin to crystallise in your mind. And while practical details may not yet be evident you do need a firm plan of action for how you intend to progress in your current situation. This will act as a guiding principle for your actions, particularly in relation to others.

The Pars Solii is in the 11th house (Sagittarius). This, combined with the Active Transform (as we will see shortly) suggests that a number of long-term associations and connections have been getting in your way. Specifically, your concerns about other people’s expectations of you will prove to be unfounded (or at least unrealistic). The blocking aspects of old relationships should be put to one side, if not put to rest. It’s time to move on by getting rid of some old dead wood. Allow the new growth to spring up fresh from the roots. You should no longer allow dead wood to hold you back.

Puer in the seventh house (Leo) shows that paths to cooperation are being smoothed out. Blockages in thinking by you and by others will be removed by capitalising on the spirit of goodwill available to you.

As the week progresses active and working partnerships will likely become the focus of your time and attention. There’s a strong feeling of circumstances being clarified as you closely work together with others on getting things done. Working deeply and generously on your personal relationships will be enormously helpful for all concerned.

You’re likely to find that others will want to help and that their assistance will prove very useful. Approach the offers of help from others with generosity. You’ll find that they are trying to help to the best of their ability, so let them be helpful.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (34) in the ninth house (Libra). This shows that you will soon be in a position to lay out and work to a new philosophy. You’ll be learning new ways to do things. It might even feel like you’re back in school in adjusting to the new.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, February, 2018, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Go on green, Kellepics, Pixabay (CC0)


As the Flow moves from Puer and its generosity in Leo it might feel like the king has pressed the ‘Go’ button. Getting that Royal assent on its own, however, will not be sufficient to magically make things happen. But it will give you the permission to progress your interests far and fast.

The moderating force of Libra shows that you will need to keep your enthusiasm in proportion as you clarify the next big step in working with others. A good place to start would be to be the best advocate you can. That means that you need to be the cheerleader, positive and dedicated about going forward on a firm foundation.

It’s a matter of keeping to, and enriching, your inner game to help you start on the next and deeper part of your journey. Given that there is a resonance between the Active Transform and the Pars here there is likely to be some clearing out of the old necessary before you have a clear workspace to start building anew. It’s likely that there is some unfinished business which needs to be taken care of before you’ve got a fully fresh slate.

It suggests that you will just need to be firm and do what needs to be done, even if that means starting something right from the beginning again.

Take aim however. And when you get the agreement to go — go!




There’s not been a Rogue appearing in the Casting for some time now, but one popped out this week… Tristitia: Look to the practical detail in realising your goals this week.  You need to take action to complete plans. Something has yet to complete. There are no barriers other than getting out of your chair and getting on with it.


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