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Albus + Fortuna Minor → Cauda Draconis (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 25th March 2018

It’s time to move out from the shoreline. No more waiting at the edges this week! You’ll see a shift in your affairs as you move from using just your brain to taking the necessary action over your feelings.

Albus in the fifth house (Cancer) sees you starting the week wanting to wind-down. Maybe you just don’t feel like making much of an effort. You may even try to find creative ways to avoid the gaze of others, knowing that they may expect too much of you if you catch their eye.

But someone who knows you well might wonder if you really do want to wind-down or whether you are really watching the clock and… what?… whether you’re waiting for something or someone?

The key to help you unlock how you are feeling will be to start from what you know. Think and feel the certainties of your emotional connections. By starting with what you feel you are certain of you can weed out many irrelevant options which seem to be offered to you.

Your mood begins to shift later in the week from not wanting to stir yourself to one where you can start to see that you are getting strong prompts from your emotions that something is being overlooked. Your likely first reaction will be to try to figure things out by thinking, but Flow’s emotional insistence is likely to keep on until you dive deeper and really focus your feelings.

The second geome is Fortuna Minor in the first house (Pisces). You will see that the Taps at levels 1 and 2 have collapsed while Level 3 has now opened up. This shows that you will be drawn into taking action on your feelings out of pure self-interest. Can you deny what is increasingly tugging at your emotional attention?

If you stay shallow you will miss where you really live… in the deep currents running wild and free. As the week progresses you will find yourself increasingly drawn to that wild-child of your nature. Let your natural feelings drive your natural actions to help you find the direction you need to go.

Get your thoughts out of the way — they will not help with emotional action. You are likely to feel an increasing pull to act with inner emotional honesty about your feelings for the future.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, March, 2018, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Focus, Benny Jackson, Unsplash, (CC0)


This brings a new level of focus to your actions. It is the focus of inner need, not the focus of the mind. This puts you on emotional automatic pilot of decision making. Rest assured however that this is not abandoning your reason or choices, but it does help you work with emotional integrity. Your feelings are your feelings, and the Truth (big ‘T’) must recognise all of the truth (small ‘t’) of the whole of you.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Cauda Draconis (3) in the ninth house (Scorpio). This is an interesting placement in the trine aspect as the Pars Mercurii is also in the ninth. This shows that you can take the next level up on the spiral staircase… same stairs, same you, just higher and with a better perspective on where you’re going.

Even if you do nothing then fate is likely to deal a card or two. It is best to be an active player, however, rather than simply waiting for the cards to fall. Make your choices based on the whole of your needs. And when you do that you are likely to get the attention you need.

Where will all this take you?

A new and deeper place you had not considered, mainly because of your need to learn new ways of acting, a new and deeper level of connecting which recognises how you feel.

But you have known this for some time now, it’s just that it’s coming to a peak and driving you to act. Perhaps your emotions were being drowned out by the superficial bubbling noises of the seashore.

Now, however, depths undreamed of can become heights.


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