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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22nd December 2014


Happy Yule to all my readers! I hope you have a successful and prosperous year ahead.

Despite this being the end of the year (solar and calendar) it seems as though people are still demanding your time and resources. (I know it’s nearly the height of summer in the southern hemisphere – thank you to my antipodean readers for letting me know! *Smile*).

However, if you are coming up to a holiday break you will still find those around you are keen to continue to use your services even if you’d like to wind down a little.

Not only that, but they keep coming up with what they think are bright ideas – don’t they ever let up?

The indication here is that overall it would be best to bite your tongue and say nothing. If you seek to go head-to-head with them you may just add to your woes. It seems that the best way to get through it is to go through it.

Here’s the thing though: just do what you need to do but, as it’s your responsibility, think about doing it in the best way for you.

Do it in your time and in your way. Make sure you feel comfortable with the approach you want to take and the final outcome you want to see and then simply plod on and get the job done.

The operative words here are ‘plod’, ‘job’ and ‘done’. Look to neither the left nor the right, keep your eyes down and do it in your way.
Keep true to yourself. That way you can apply your imagination, your diligence and manage to keep your temper.

The situation is not likely to be that bad, it’s just with everything else going on at the moment you could do without the pressure. You will probably find, given the aspect between the geomes, that this strategy is not too difficult to implement.


Take control of your Destiny


To fully realise a placid end to your endeavours it will be important to focus on thinking things through first and then applying them in a way that others can see tangible results, too.

You may be surprised at the additional responsibility you both feel and are given as a result. Not only that, but it is likely to increase your respect as being someone who is a force to be reckoned with in completing whatever needs doing.

Take whatever they say whatever they do, think about it, be sure, and then give it your unique touch.  This will practically guarantee your success with the Flow.




There were two Rogues this week: Populus and Caput Draconis. Caput Draconis was very lively!

When Rogues appear like this they are demanding to be heard!

It suggests that this week you will find several opportunities to interact with groups of people.

Whether you do this face-to-face or long distance you are likely to find that your influence spreads further than you might have expected.

Not only that, but you’re likely to find inspiration in some of the strangest places. It seems as though almost anything can act as a creative source for you this week if you just keep your eyes and ears open.




The Flow may seem as though it is jumping about all over the place this week: from double taps at Levels 1 and 3 of Acquisitio to a single double tap at Level 2 of Puella which add together to give the Active Transform Cauda Draconis (24). However, when we add in the meanings of the houses and signs the narrative becomes much more obvious.

There is a smooth and seamless transition from the apparently demanding Acquisitio in Capricorn to the thoughtful Puella in Pisces. The external expression and finality of Cauda Draconis (24) in the sixth house’s Taurus shows that all the external drive from others passes through our own beautiful thought processes to have a concrete solid and practical conclusion to our efforts.

And what a fantastic and positive way to end this year and to start the next!

Happy Yule!

If you are still hungry for some geomantic thoughts then please click on my other post today to find out how a geomancer starts off his Yule day

See you next year!

Yule decoration 2014

Yule decoration 2014


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