Getting Stuck-in With Hard At Work Is Not The Answer

It’s interesting that Fortuna Minor makes yet another appearance this week.  It’s almost as though you are reluctant to let something go now that you have got the hang of it.  Matters are, however, going to be taken out of your hands very soon.

Main 02_11_2013 (600) Fortuna Minor is ruled by the Sun and so there is a lot of energy associated with the geome, but this is largely in the material, physical world.  The progression of the Flow is from the two taps at Level 4 of Fortuna Minor which collapse and are replaced by two sets of double taps in Tristitia.  This shows that what you considered to be important in your efforts with the outside world (Level 4) will be giving way to much more thought later in the week (two sets of double taps at Levels 1 and 2 of Tristitia).

The question will then become: Who is driving that change?

Fortuna Minor is in the sixth house, the house of hard work, jobs and service to others.  Given the two taps at both the physical levels of the geome I think this will meant that you are keen to throw yourself into a lot of physical work at the moment.  You will be feeling the urge to get things done and achieve what you are now able to achieve. My feeling is though that this may be misplaced, though.  What you want to avoid is simply working for the sake if it!  Of course, it’s great to be able to do and complete things, but they should be the right things!

Tristitia in the first house makes that happen later in the week.  Here we see a dramatic – Tristitia is nothing if not dramatic and sudden! – change in approach to yourself and your outlook.  Will someone point this out to you, or are you wise enough to realise that effort in the wrong direction – even if it creates ‘results’ – is not helpful?  This is no time for work for the sake of it or for spinning your wheels.  That will only result in ‘busy-ness’ not ‘business’.  It seems that someone or something is likely to provide that mental shift and you will be able to see yourself and what you are trying to achieve in a new and much more productive light as the week progresses.

Take control of your Destiny

If you can catch yourself being just ‘busy’ then you may be able to stay a step ahead this week.  When we add the geomes we get a further possibility and expansion on the story.  The Active Transform is Puer (12) in the eighth house (Gemini):

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Active Transform Puer (12)

This shows that rather than simply focusing on work you would benefit from the self-examination offered by Tristitia to focus more of your energy on working within the framework of other people’s changing needs and passions (eighth house).  A lot of this will involve presenting yourself, networking and communicating your ideas (Gemini). You’ll still be able to use your undoubted energy at the moment but now it will be based in a much more targeted and productive way.

You are still at the early stages of working with some people and you still have a way to go to win them over (single new taps at Levels 1 and 2 of Puer).  The great thing is that will you get the outlet of your ideas and energy but now in a much more productive way.  Getting that combination of ‘saying’ and ‘doing’ right will take you a long way there in their eyes.

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