The End Of The Cycle – Now With The Nuts And Bolts Revealed

I’m going to take a different approach to the casting this week.  I will walk you through exactly how I get the reading and you can follow along.

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 28th October 2013

Two draws gave the same gemstone each time, Fortuna Minor, and two throws of the 12-sided die gave the houses for each.

The first die cast showed the gemstone should go in the fifth house (Pisces, at the moment) and the second cast showed it should go in the third house (Capricorn).  After that the Active Transform could be worked out and its house determined.

This is immediately an interesting casting as we will have to look carefully at how the geomes Flow as they are identical.  What this means in practice is that the context, that is, the houses in which the geomes sit will be of crucial importance in deciding the meaning of the casting.

If we look at Fortuna Minor we can see that there is nothing much happening in the spiritual and mental realms (Levels 1 and 2) and that all the action is happening in the physical realms (Levels 3 and 4).  This makes the geome very polarised or biased in its sphere of activity.  It’s saying, ‘Don’t look for much in the way of inspiration or outside ideas – you’re going to have to slug it out yourself physically!’  In my experience, both of the Fortuna geomes (Major and Minor) are a bit out of kilter in some ways.  In action they never feel quite balanced to me.  (There’s more to say about that another time. . .)

So, everything is likely to be focused on the physical realm.  The geomes are therefore directing our attention to our internal physical world (Level 3) and our external physical world (Level 4).

Next we need to consider in which house and sign each geome sits.  The fifth house is concerned with creativity, social interactions, love, romance, children (that is, children in principle, rather than, say, our family), enjoyment and pleasure.  Pisces is philosophical, spiritual, vague and dreamy.  The thing is, many of these concepts are intellectual or emotional.  Half of the idea of the pleasurable, enjoyable and dreamy rests with the intellectual and emotional aspects of an experience.  But Fortuna Minor is directing our attention to just the physical!  So how do we rationalise this?

We need to look, therefore, at the physical ways that these emotions might be produced and what those feelings might produce in the physical world.  If we are feeling creative, happy, loving and spiritual (in other words, some hybrid of what the house and the sign are telling us) what might that suggest to us about what is going on in our life on a physical level?

Next we need to look where those things are going to ‘go’.  We need to consider the Flow to the next geome.  We need to get a feel for where those feelings and circumstances in the fifth are going to travel.

The second geome is also Fortuna Minor so we know that everything is staying physical, but now it is in the context of the third house (Capricorn).

The third is concerned with local travel, children and youngsters again (this time our own – possibly brothers and sisters) and also communication and education which are again aspects of physical social interaction.  The fact that the sign of the house is currently Capricorn tells us that there is likely to be an element of hard work, ambition, durability and persistence later in the week – all good Capricornian themes!

The theme of youngsters and social interaction and communication is common between the fifth and the third houses as is physical – that is deep – feeling.  My feeling is that the social interaction will be more significant than the younger person element.  So how might this play out?

If you want to play along see what that would say to you so far before you read on. . .

What say you?

Because the Flow is Continuing (there are the same number of taps in each geome) then the situation is not getting any better (Expanding Flow) or worse (Contracting Flow) and the focus of the situation therefore simply. . . changes.  It means that your attention will simply switch from more social (fifth house) undecided, vague, nebulous matters (all good Piscean characteristics) to more of the family, brothers and sisters and more local communication and education (third house) areas of life and to do so in a more solid, practical and determined way.

What was sociable, fun and somewhat ill-defined at the start of the week will therefore become more focused, concrete and settle down into something more practical and possibly even rigid.

(Note:  I am using various keywords associated with the signs and houses here.  When you give a reading you look for the theme which is emerging from all the keywords and ideas the Oracle presents to you.  That’s what I mean about the Oracle providing a guide or framework for your intuition.  The Oracle tells you the general themes, but it’s up to you to make sense of it through your spiritual or intuitive feel for the situation.)

What we see then is that the physical social side of your life, probably dealing with the spirit of youthful fun gets focused down to something more practical and workable.  The aspect between the houses is a sextile (sixty degrees) and so this is a good and positive change.  What was undecided and vague becomes concrete and real.  Physical arrangements will be made, plans will be firmed up, trips announced, communication will get sorted out.

But there’s more.  We are coming to the end of a cycle here.  It’s a time for us to bring things to a close and to take stock.  How do I know?

Take control of your Destiny

To find out how matters are likely to get resolved we need to calculate the Active Transform.  We do this by adding the geomes together.  Whenever you add two identical geomes you always get Populus – the full moon.  In this case, adding Fortuna Minor to itself we get Populus (12) in the first house (Scorpio):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, November, October, 2013, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Populus (12)

This is a very powerful figure!  Think about this:  The first house is all about you and how you see the world.  Populus is a representation of the full moon – all the taps expressing themselves on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional at once!  And it is in the house of Scorpio – passion, depth, sex, revolution and upheaval!  Talk about a finale!

Now comes the really interesting part.  When you give a reading you create a narrative.  So when we put all these elements together, what story do we get?  What sort of changes are happening around us then, in the biosphere, in Gaia, where we live our lives?  Can you put it all together?

OK, let’s have a go:  We see that despite some physical uncertainty in our lives at present there is an ever increasing focus on the practical and the concrete this week.  Social and creative but nebulous interactions give way to more practical communication and sorting things out for ourselves (or maybe being sorted out for us!).

The Active Transform suggests that this will bring about a completion (a full moon cycle) which will be transformative if we chose to learn the lessons on offer.  We will be able to square away much that is physical as it applies directly to us (still two old taps at Level 4 of Populus) and that it will suddenly start to open out new thoughts, connections and possibilities for us on the mental and spiritual realms of our life (the two new taps at Levels 1 and 2 of Populus (12)).  That sounds very much like the ending of one phase and the start of another, don’t you agree?

My intuition tells me that this shift from the nebulous to the practical to the transformational will open up new doors for us, doors which could bring significant benefit if we use the opportunity to rethink how we see communication and connections with others.

Hopefully this explanation has provided some of the nuts and bolts behind the reading and will allow you to see how the Flow may be determined and watched for.  Let me know what you think.

Until next time. . .

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