Look And Listen For Early Results

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 8th April 2013


Amissio in the fourth house (Cancer) is trine to Populus in the eighth house (Scorpio) in an Expanding flow.

Geomantic Divination

You will see that the trine gives a water/emotional direction to the whole casting this week.  And to be sure, this is a time when feelings will come to the fore.

Amissio is associated with the planet Venus, but in this case it is less of the ‘beauty, balance and harmony’ side of Venus and more of the ‘introspective, concerned with physical appearance and uncertain’ side of the possible meanings. The fourth house is associated with the home and home-life and where we feel rooted.  You might therefore find that you need to take time to improve your home surroundings in order to make yourself feel better about coming home from a hard day’s work.

That said, Amissio has only a single tap at level 3, which means that the motivation and the ability to physically change things may be a little tricky at the moment, even though improvements here would make you feel better.

This seems to be a time when you can take stock of your steps over the last couple of weeks.  You need to feel comfortable with your current direction.  So this is a good time for some course-correcting.

Now after the last couple of castings you probably feel that you are in the thick of things at the moment and that this is no time for course-correction, you’ve only just got started. . . but actually, the reverse is true.  You need to be sure, or at least confident, that any new moves you have made are actually working out as you had hoped.  In other words, you should check that your early feelings, intuition and results are paying off in the direction you had hoped, even though there might still be a long way to go.

The good news is that you won’t have to do all this by yourself.  Once people see the direction you have set yourself they will be willing to give you feedback and advice.  This is a good thing in one way, of course.  It makes this a good time to challenge your thinking and beliefs now that you can see more clearly what is happening in practice rather than theory.  On the other hand, it will require you to be brave enough to accept comments at face value.  That is not so easy (though the trine and the Expanding flow will certainly soften the blow).

Seeing the Expansion of the single taps at levels 1 and 3 of this geome to the double taps throughout Populus suggests that others will be able to help give you the clarity of perspective you need for both further motivation and for even more external good ideas.  In other words, you need to listen and act on advice.

The harsher lesson is that it will only be you who is keeping you back from your goals at the moment.  Amissio cannot do it all by herself, she needs the taps from Populus.  The eighth house usually signals the use of other people’s resources in some way – in this case, to make you feel more secure and to help ‘complete’ you.

“O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.”

Robert Burns

This may make you feel a little emotionally exposed, but that is not a bad thing. It shows your commitment to continue and it also communicates your honesty and vulnerability.  Most of all it communicates your determination – “I want this, so tell it to me straight: is this working?”

It is only by questioning the current situation that we can make change.

Take control of your Destiny

In order to find out how we can best shape our lives we need to find the Active Transform. In this case, adding the geomes gives us Amissio (13) in the twelfth house (Pisces).  This tells us that we can go as far as we need to in pursuit of our goals despite any worry we might have about our ability to get what we want. Doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever has.

It also provides some more practical advice, too.  While you are able to put your feet on the correct path, don’t set off walking – even in a slightly modified direction – until you have really understood and accepted the feedback you get at the moment.  All the feedback in the world is useless unless you both listen and act on it.

New moves are scary enough.  Make sure that you are properly packed and prepared for the journey ahead of you this week.


The last lesson before the test is often one of the most useful.


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