Are You Too Fast For Everyone Else?

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Albus + Carcer → Puella (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 17th April 2016


The Flow this week shows you feeling that you want to gee yourself up. And that you want to do this at the same time as calming everybody else down!

Does this make you seem impatient? Well, possibly.

Let’s concentrate on helping you here (rather than those nasty awful people who don’t read my blog! I know, it’s pretty unbelievable that some people still don’t read it, but there you go.)

The geomes are in a square aspect, so you can expect a little (ahem) excitement in trying to sort out any differences in opinions and approaches between you and the people you are trying to influence this week.

Albus in the second house (Taurus) is going to make you feel that you want to communicate your feelings more and, more generally, that you want to speed things along for yourself. Given that, in all honesty, you might not feel completely prepared for your journey then, yes, some people may see you as a little impatient. You might want them to keep their opinions to themselves, but you need the pressure if you are going to truly benefit this week.

What is likely to seem irksome however is that others are not just being opinionated but they are being too airy fairy in their approach.

It’s clear from the second geome, Carcer in the 11th house (Aquarius), that even your close friends need to take a more pragmatic view the situation.

If you’re going to put them straight might I respectfully suggest that you do so deliberately but very cautiously. They are unlikely to welcome being pinned down this week and any attempt to limit them is unlikely to be well received.

Now all that might seem a heady mix of emotions and trying to make progress. It could be. So let’s see how we can turn this to your advantage…


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puella (3) in the eighth house (Scorpio).

This is delicious! This gives a very clear indication of how the Active Transform helps in geomantic charts. It tells you how the Flow is likely to continue, which means that you can judge how matters are likely to progress.

But more importantly it tells you what tools and lessons are available to you so that you can make the best out of what happens.

In this case Puella (3) is showing that you need to work on the balance between your wants and needs and other people’s. Given that the Active Transform is in Scorpio you should be looking towards not just the immediate interaction or problem but to making some longer-term changes.

Specifically, you will benefit by finding some intellectual compromise between different points of views, but you will gain even more by learning from the whole process how better to manage your resources.

And again, the chart is very specific here. You will benefit most by thinking about how to manage your 1. your time and 2. how other people manage their resources, particularly their money.

An image to keep in mind this week will be the reluctant schoolchild who is working in class but keen to get out as soon as possible. It will be by making the very best of the learning and the processes in that classroom — even though they don’t feel like it — that they will get so much benefit when the school-time is eventually over.

Learning about yourself and what is behind the lesson will be the real benefits.



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