Don’t Worry About Your Secret Wish

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 26th May 2014

This week sees Acquisitio in the twelfth house (Aries) square to Caput Draconis in the third (Cancer).  The story between the geomes for the first part of the week is largely about the imminent collapsing double taps at Level 3 of Acquisitio.

Acquisitio being involved with expansion does not always sit comfortably in the twelfth, it has to be said.  While this combination may be concerned with the expansion of the individual with others into the wider world, many of the impulses are directed towards inner and subconscious development.

The two taps at Level 3 show that you have a secret!  Maybe you’ve been thinking of this as an ace in the hole.  Maybe you are secretly hoping that you will be able to get your way and turn things to your advantage with something that you know that you believe others don’t know.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to use the information in quite the way you expect.

The Flow to Caput Draconis in the third house shows that the secret is likely to be either something which doesn’t turn out to be that useful or, more likely, that you are going to be overtaken by events.

Secret knowledge is only useful if you can use it to your advantage.  If it is not practical and if you don’t get a chance to use it then it doesn’t serve much purpose.  The two taps at Level 1 of both geomes show that the main theme for you this week will be to keep open your ideas of working with others rather than trying to keep anything in reserve.

Use your energy to keep open the connections.  Trying to work while at the same time wasting energy keeping things to yourself will only slow you down this week.  There are changes which are going to happen all around you.  Make sure you’ve got both hands free and keep your mind alert.

Take control of your Destiny

By adding the geomes we see where the Flow is heading and this spells out how you can use the change of circumstances to your best advantage.  Here we see the Active Transform Albus (23) in the sixth (Libra):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, May, June, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Albus (23)

The Transform shows that while the external environment is likely to have some unexpected twists this week you could use the opportunity to look at your situation in a new way.  Instead of focusing on what you think you know look you need to apply what you already know in new ways instead.

Sharpen your ideas.  Practice what you know.  Become better by using the week’s events as a way of perfecting your skills.  The square aspect will be great for knocking off the rough edges.

By all means keep the fact that you’re still learning to yourself if it satisfies your need to keep secrets, but share as much as you can with others.  They will appreciate your experience and wisdom.  It’s by helping people with what is obvious to you that you will recognise the unusual and useful when it finally comes your way.


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