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Geomantic Way: How To Deal With Annoying People

Why are people so annoying? You know who I mean: When you’re driving and the tiniest gap opens in front of you and someone cuts in. Impatient people. People who do stupid things and keep on doing stupid things.   You’re already doing everything you can to make things better and […]

Expanding Our Idea Of Earth

  As everyone who reads this website knows, Geomancers perform divinations by the signs and symbols of the Earth. Traditionally, the concept of Earth was ‘elemental’ – the things in and on the physical plane itself (and with those things affecting the physical plane). I’m deliberately staying away from the […]

Touching The Hair Of The Goddess

  You’re not too late if you want to try…   Catch a leaf as it falls from a tree. Hold it for a moment and look at it. And then let it go.   This was a living thing, untouched by humans until now.  It’s made from carbon dioxide, […]

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Happy Yule Everyone!

I plan on posting updates throughout the day as time allows so be sure and pop in frequently. . . (You’ll need to read this post from the bottom upwards to make sense of the timeline.) 16:48  First of the guests arrive. . . more later. . . 16:31  And […]

Samhain: Remembering The Ending 2

For this week’s reading, please click HERE. Today we celebrate Samhain, the ancient festival of ‘The last harvest’. It celebrates endings:  The end of the crop, the closing of the year and, thus, the start of Winter.  And, of course, we use it to acknowledge the fact of death. We remember […]