Geomantic Way: How To Deal With Annoying People

Bark Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


Bark Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Why are people so annoying?

You know who I mean:

When you’re driving and the tiniest gap opens in front of you and someone cuts in.

Impatient people.

People who do stupid things and keep on doing stupid things.


You’re already doing everything you can to make things better and to get the job done. And they have just made your job harder! They show no consideration for you. You end up feeling frustrated and annoyed with them.


Should you just accept their behaviour? No, not always — it depends.

Should you say something? No, not always — again, it depends.


Before you do anything you might consider these questions:

  • Did they do it to annoy you?
  • Do you know why they did it?
  • Did you even feature in their thoughts at all?


Thinking of the whole world around you — Gaia — as a giant amoeba of all sorts of intermingling causes and effects helps.


They had their own reasons for doing (or not doing) what they did stop just as you had yours.

Two streams of cause and effect don’t always know about each other until they meet.

We do not know what they know or feel.

They do not know what we know or feel.

It’s our choice to let them know, or not.

And when we get to choose either way then we reclaim our power in the situation.


So the next time someone annoys you, you can consider if you know the facts.

You get to decide how to respond.

You reclaim your power.

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