Cauda Draconis + Albus → Fortuna Minor (123)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 23rd July 2023

Cauda Draconis in the 9th house (Pisces) suggests that for some there is an indication of a journey over or by water in the offing. (The 9th house is associated with travel and the Moon’s node and Pisces all suggest the watery element. Given this is the holiday season it is perhaps not too much of a stretch to interpret these signs in this way however.)

More likely, it indicates that it will fall to your imagination and deeper ideas to find some inspiration for your ventures. It is also an indication of some minor uncertainty about your direction or, rather, the specifics of that direction.

The general direction of those ventures you know and understand well, it seems. It is just the specifics that are sometimes difficult to grasp.

Albus in the 8th house (Aquarius) shows that if you are in Flow you may find yourself getting into ‘crazy time’ a little later in the week. In your search for certainties, truths and knowledge you might end up in some unusual places and situations.

These will need to be sifted carefully in order to see which are truly viable options.

It will pay you to look at all the options as the indication here is that there is no single, perfect answer to your particular needs. But with a little thought on your part—plus a dash of doing things differently and adapting what is on offer—you should be able to find a way that works for you.

The Pars Draconii is in the 12th house (Gemini) and indicates that you need to avoid fretting about anticipated effort. Remember the old quote “… he had had a great many troubles in his life, but the worst of them never happened!” Flow through Level 4 of the geomes indicates that levels of ‘external physical’ effort do not need to change significantly and remain relatively constant.


Carousel, Giacomo Lombardo, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Minor (123) in the 7th house (Capricorn). What really cements your decision or direction going forward is to find people with whom you can share the load.

Not only that but their understanding and acceptance of your ideas will help show you that you are on the right lines and that your choices are sound.

‘Doing the work’ still lies ahead, of course. But now at least you are on a firm footing. As soon as you see the right spot to step onto on the revolving carousel, do so and enjoy the ride!


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