Bubbling Pot

Fortuna Major + Fortuna Major → Populus (34)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 6th August 2023

Happy Lughnasadh to all! Today marks one of the four quarter days of the year. It is exactly halfway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. It is sometimes called the ‘festival of first fruits’ as it marks the time of the first harvest. A later tradition was for harvesters to make a loaf which they would take to Mass (Loaf-Mass), giving the other name for this festival, Lammas.

Lughnasadh Loaf (I)

Lughnasadh Loaf (II)

Fortuna Major in the 9th house (Pisces) is semi-sextile to Fortuna Major in the 8th house. This is a powerful combination of the one of the two luminaries (the Sun). Whenever identical geomes are Cast the resulting addition always gives some form of Populus (full Moon) as the Active Transform. The feeling then is that there is some final piece of this particular journey needs to be undertaken in some way in order to lead to completion (Populus).

Thus, there are thoughts of moving, travel and of ‘unrest’ generally which seem to be playing on your mind. It seems, too, that this unrest has been bubbling away like water coming to the boil in a pot for some time.

This week you may find that external factors start to play on your mind. These are not worrying thoughts but rather more of the ‘curious!’, ‘how strange…’ and ‘what on earth…?’ kind of thoughts.

Travel is again indicated and this time it is to establish, do or get something definite. Something needs completing which is prodding the need for the journey.

Fortuna Major is in the 8th house (Aquarius). In order to move towards completeness there will need to be changes to processes and the existing ways of doing and thinking about things.

Be prepared for re-examination later in the week. This review is likely to be more with regard to detail or to involve some new or innovative approach. New technology can bring insights you might not otherwise have. How this might manifest is not possible to say as it will vary according to your situation, but there this is a sign of the almost unbelievable or fantastical happening in Flow. All of this brings you closer to the completion that you want.

The Pars Solii encourages you not to worry about your current situation. It does so by suggesting that work is checked and double-checked at the time it is done. Thoroughness in execution saves worry later. Save your lists and checklists.


Bubbling Pot, MYCCF, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populus (34) in the 7th house (Capricorn). This shows that the hard work can—and does—pay off in the end. Here the cycle or journey completes. Plans are realised as hoped and new ways of working, particularly with others, is assured. Truly worthwhile achievements require sacrifice but endure longer than the memory of the effort it took to produce them.

Stay strong.


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