Breaking The Bonds

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Fortuna Major + Albus → Tristitia (34)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 3rd September 2017

I will be taking a few days off and so this Casting spans the next two weeks. And as if to compensate Flow looks like it will provide a very interesting time for your development!

Now without wishing to seem too judgemental, you know that some people just skate lightly over the surface of their potential. They simply react to events without giving them much thought. Others, like you, (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this website), want to progress and make a Contribution to life.

People in the first group will be putting on a brave face over the next two weeks. Sure, they will seem carefree and maybe even quite sociable on the face of it. They long for freedom and adventure. They plan for ‘relief’ and just want to remove drudgery (a.k.a. effort) in their lives.

Now it is not to say that you can only progress if you’re miserable! Far from it. But it’s more that they are ignoring their challenges and opportunities. They seek distraction rather than resolution. They are concerned with surfaces and appearance.

Those who look more deeply at life recognise that a surface is a boundary. It’s where something starts or something else stops. And there’s a whole world either side of that boundary. It’s going to be your choice which world you explore, of course.

Fortuna Major In the fifth house (Sagittarius) is going to make both of types of person look for change. But there is a world of difference between moving away from a problem solving it! Relief will prove to be temporary; finding solutions provides a much more lasting solution.

Both groups will be feeling insecure and defensive if anyone or anything gets close to them or their core interests over the coming days. But if you are looking to progress in your situation then you are more likely to be using your intuition, creativity and determined good-nature to follow your true nature and personal philosophy rather than seeking escape.

The Pars Solii in the sixth house (Capricorn) is the placement which has been providing the doubts and the need for effort. And it will be only too easy, and appealing, to try and find those escape routes. It is only natural to seek escape if you don’t seem to be getting results, particularly if you are not fully committed to what you are doing. A tell-tale sign of the first group will be that they complain of lacking stamina. If you are on the side of the angels, however, you will see things differently. You will simply see that you have not yet got the resources that you need. And that attitude is what will set you apart.

Albus in the 12th house (Cancer) is going to be the deciding factor in how you handle the challenges in front of you, however. Those who choose not to rise to challenges are likely to feel somewhat exposed and defensive over the next week or so. When you come across them you’re likely to find they are very sensitive and emotional. They will have a deep need for security, probably because they feel misunderstood.

A more spiritually grounded approach, however, will be to recognise insecurities and to realise it is only natural to feel protective or defensive if you feel uncomfortable. This is an opportunity for personal growth. That is because this placement reveals the bare truth: That you are attached to your own fears.

(I know. Let that sink in for a moment…)

You see, when you recognise and feel the truth of that statement you will understand what you need to do next.

Yes, you need security and you have the inclination to keep our mouth shut and not impart your wisdom to others. But will you impart your wisdom to yourself?

Now is the time to test yourself. After all, ‘A calm sea never made a good sailor’.

Nobody is perfect first go. Nobody. So people should forgive if you seem hesitant to share what you know. This is not thoughtlessness on your part. It is simply inching forward. You will be doing a lot of mental processing in deciding how comfortable you feel and who is friend and who is foe, so take your time. But you will learn through your emotions.

The recognition and sensitivity towards the Active Transform will mark out how you respond to circumstances. If you are not interested in developing then only the ‘hard work / escape-seeking / feeling defensive’ aspect of Flow will play out. If you are interested in developing then here’s how you can move forward instead.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Tristitia (34) in the seventh house (Aquarius). Here we see Tristitia in its natural sign providing you with an improved and rich way forward.

You should be looking for change, and change in unusual directions at that. Embrace the unusual and connect with others even in ways you didn’t expect. And do it quickly! The essence of this placement will be an fast and easy breaking of all kinds of bonds. The temptation may be to do this too quickly or too radically, however. You will find it prudent to go far as fast as you can, but still keep one hand on the steering wheel. In other words, have some control in dealing with others but don’t stick to the usual.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, September, 2017, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Breaking Free, Kiran Foster, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


You’re likely to find that this will happen most easily if you work towards improving the overall situation for the general good of all. The more you can do this unselfishly the better. Bring your resources, intellect and personality to your relationships rather than simply your ego.

Let yourself be excited. Look for the fizz. Dare to dare. Seek Find controlled chaos.

Look for meaning not simply connection. To do so will bring out some of your best qualities of tolerance and cooperation. Seek to cooperate, not to marry.

Now all this is likely to shake up relationships for the better. And by becoming more aware of your individuality you don’t shy away from problems. Rather you will be able to explore the exciting world beyond their boundary.



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