A New Town

Via + Conjunctio → Carcer (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 14th May 2023

Via in the 8th house (Sagittarius) indicates that births and other new starts are likely to figure significantly for you this week.

For a few this will mean the potential for some deep inner journey or internal work to be done. The advice for you is that what seems at first promising and easy may turn out more difficult than first thought. What seems difficult may be easier and more fruitful in the long run. In contrast, for the majority of people there may be the start of some significant shifts in learning about how things might be done around you. This may involve some changes to both who does them and where things are carried out.

When new ideas occur to you it would be well to follow them up. They, in turn, are likely to lead you to new and further areas to explore.

Each one of these areas has the potential to improve your position though, again, some directions will seem more promising than others. Be prepared to move.

Conjunctio is in the 9th house (Capricorn). As you know, almost everything can seem difficult at the start.

If you find yourself with any uncertainty or in any challenging situation the first thing to know is that the changes to be made are not personal. There are new rules when you are in a new town.

Different people are, well, different people.

Seek to take on new ways of doing things. What is new to you may be someone else’s old, tried and true way. Try not to see difference in terms of right and wrong but rather in terms of what works in a given situation.

Persist, endure and show a willingness to meet situations half-way and all will be well.

The Pars Luna is in the 2nd house (Gemini) this week. This is a little personal but try not to let your appetites get in the way of doing what you know to be right or a better way in the long-term. Another way of saying this is to not look for the short-term results or the quick win.

Work in partnership, balance and harmony—especially in new ventures.


A New Town, Atlantios, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Carcer (1234) in the 10th house (Aquarius). This shows that Flow is providing a very fertile time for your plans—if you let it.

Keep this in mind: There are two ways of saying ‘There is so much to learn!’. You could say this in a somewhat despondent way showing you are intimidated or that you are trying to cling to the old ways of doing things.

Or you could say it enthusiastically, showing that you embrace newness and difference, adding even more tools to your toolbox and having new experiences to relish.

Don’t try to turn back the tide.

Literally go with (the) Flow.

Enrichment follows.


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