Conjunctio + Fortuna Major → Acquisitio (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 16th October 2022

This week sees a clear and positive direction of Flow. Once you start moving, keep going and don’t stop.

Conjunctio in the 2nd house (Scorpio) indicates that you may be feeling a little frustrated at the moment. This is likely to be caused by what you see as a certain lack of action on somebody’s part.

Maybe you are feeling held back or feel that someone is moving too slowly and is not coming up with the goods fast enough. You may have other emotions tied up with this frustration, too—the need to move on or away from your current circumstances, the desire for the outcome you’ve been promised (or are promising yourself), the grind of where you are currently, etc. It’s like you are waiting for the dam to burst.

The good news is that things are about to change. You will find that once things start moving they will just keep on rolling.

Fortuna Major in the 6th house shows that you will see improvements in several areas, almost from the start of the week. It may even feel like the opening out of a flower: a health situation is likely to improve; you are finally taking on (or will be given) the responsibilities you’ve wanted for so long and work suddenly becomes clearer.

All that is, or was, required to make this happen was a little imagination on someone’s part. Maybe they can now see the dangers in leaving things up to other people. Wherever the impulse comes from they finally decide to take charge and make the decision. How tiny was this problem in hindsight and how silly that it could hold up so much!

The Pars Mercurii is in the 9th house (Gemini) and supports this Flow by indicating that people around you need to stop talking and thinking about things so much. They need to just get on and do them.

Do what feels right. There are no wider considerations, you don’t need to research it further… just do!

Warriors, Aaron Greenwood, Unsplash, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Acquisitio (23) in the 10th house (Cancer) and it sends a clear message: Get to the front and start defending your position. You are trained and equipped and you have all the support you need.

Be fully aware of what is happening around you and shore up your position where necessary, but get out there and start making it happen.

It is not only about defence, of course. Deploy your forces as would a military commander.

Use your forces in unusual and unexpected ways and you will be successful.


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