A Wall Made Of Moonbeams

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 27th January 2014

This week’s casting is a fascinating example of an shift of the Flow with regard to the houses – and doesn’t it make a difference!

Last week we had Rubeus in the eighth house trine to Via in the twelfth transforming to Puella in the fourth.

This week sees Carcer in the fourth trine to Populus in the twelfth transforming back into Carcer in the eighth!  The same three houses, only this time in reverse.

The interpretation is still concerned with getting over your ideas, but now we can progress those ideas further.  If you have been following the change in the Flow through last week to this you will know that this has been a good time to get your ideas the hearing they deserve.  This week Carcer shows us that although this has been prompted by a good set of circumstances they might not initially gain the support you might have liked or expected.

The two single taps at Levels 1 and 4 show that at this stage there is little external support for what you are trying to achieve.  Why is this?  Well the chances are that both you and others find that after all the initial flurry some of the ideas need a little more work.  There’s nothing wrong with them in principle, but the work they need is largely concerned with their effect on others.

Let’s get specific.

Because the fourth house is concerned with your security and things which make you feel comfortable, others may see your proposals as being a little, shall we say, one-sided.  It’s going to be up to you to show them that you have a bigger vision and that your plans will work for everyone.

It might help if you actively sell them on your ideas.  To do so, you’ll need to prepare the way and get all your arguments in order.  But the thing that will carry the day will be your passion.  The tip here is to show it is a passion which is all-embracing and not, as they may secretly fear, something which largely benefits you.  (We both know that’s not your intention, but they will need reassuring nonetheless!)

Everything you talk about, everything you demonstrate, all your arguments should refer to ‘the whole’.  Populus likes to be seen as popular.  She likes to party, she likes groups and she loves completion.  Let those be your keywords and approach this week and reassure them not only about your ideas but also about your intent.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives us the Active Transform Carcer (14) in the eighth house (Leo).

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, January, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Carcer (14)

This is interesting because I suspect you may be able to use that Leo influence to cover any cracks in your arguments.  Carcer is a great one for lessons and for making sure everything is done by the book.  Indeed the two single new taps at Levels 1 and 4 suggest that you will have some learning to do when it comes to some hard choices as you progress.  But Leo is sociable and friendly, and (given the trine too) is likely to recognise faults but to forgive magnanimously.

You are unlikely to get all your own way and you will find that some people and situations test you to the limit.  But Leo tempers Carcer somewhat and suggests that you will then be able to understand more of the pressures faced by others as you climb the greasy pole.

They may see a wall, but you see just moonbeams.  Deal with their concerns in a practical way and let Carcer’s practical wisdom and sheer determination blow away their insubstantial worries and win the day for you.


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