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Populus + Puer → Puer
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th August 2023

Flow is offing an emotional steady-state this week which enables you to know the real from the fanciful.

Populus is in the 4th house (Scorpio) and indicates that you will be successful if you keep to the steady emotional path and true to your core values.

Nothing need disturb you unless you let it. You can easily handle anything that comes your way this week. You have the skills, ability and most importantly, the mental poise and strength to stop anything from truly disturbing you or upsetting your plans.

You have the emotional strength to be sure of yourself and to keep to what you know to be true. Put any doubts into the dustbin of history.

Puer in the 12th house (Cancer) is in trine aspect which gives a very good and strong emotional component to the week.

(Here it may lead you to some surprising actions and thoughts you might now want to consider, which you should find interesting!) You will be able to guard against the woolly thinking and the spur of the moment actions of others. Their actions may be well intentioned, but they won’t necessary be in your best interests.

You will be able to see nonsense coming a mile away, so long as you think for yourself and don’t readily buy into their ideas.

The Pars Luna is in the 5th house (Sagittarius) and reinforces this message. You may find one or more seemingly golden opportunities (sent to?) distract you. The advice here is to know your own mind. Things that are too good to be true are often just that! They are usually the product of the poorly thought-out plans of others. You don’t need to take the bait.

Stay steadfast, sure and steady in your own (well thought-out) plans instead.

The Guardian Knight, Christoph Schütz, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puer. (Any time Populus is the first geome the Active transform is the same as the second geome. This indicates that Flow is in a time of calm such as you find at the time of the full moon, changing from waxing to waning and from the change (pause, rest or fullness) at the top of high-tide before it starts receding to low tide again. In other words Flow extends to allow this time to mature.

In practice this means you need to keep a clear head. Your readiness and preparation allow you to capitalise when real opportunities arise (as they will!).

You will be able to see through the false and the manipulative. Move ahead once you know you are absolutely clear in your own mind.

You are in the key position and the driver of your successful progress.


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