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Puer + Acquisitio → Caput Draconis (124)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 14th January 2018

The Flow between the geomes shows that the energy of your interactions is likely to get quite intense this week. It is likely too that you will see a ramping up of personal (external) energy. Whilst you’ll be doing more of what you’ve been doing, you are likely to see more far-reaching consequences to your actions and associations.

Puer in the fifth house (Taurus) shows you are working hard to expand your social circle of contacts. This will  make your social interactions with others quite busy. On the face of it this may seem very desirable. But you will need to ensure that socialising doesn’t come at too high a price…

The Pars Martii is in the seventh house (Cancer) and is particularly significant in the Casting this week. It shows that you seem to be chasing after something with all your energy. However, — and this may be a sensitive subject to discuss with you — it looks like what you actually need is some kind of fundamentally secure connection in your life at the moment, specifically related to the work you are trying to accomplish.

It also indicates that you are not chasing after the thing you really want! Instead it seems that what you are chasing after will lead to the thing you want — or at least you hope so. There are no guarantees, after all.

But there is always hope…

Acquisitio the 11th house (Scorpio) shows that as you continue to put energy into your acquaintances and contacts you are aiming to build a network of resources. But continuing on like this poses the danger that you will spread yourself too thinly. The risk is that by continuing in exactly the same way will increase the range of contacts but that it will become too broad; that you will be expending more and more energy for less and less return.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, January, 2018, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

The Energy Of Friends, Rohan Muzafar, Pexels


Now if everything was working out perfectly for you at the moment then this would be a good sign that you were getting your message out. But the opposition aspect in the Casting suggests that you are currently meeting some form of resistance. If you are still working on the early stages of a project then it may be better to consider how best — that is, how more efficiently and effectively — to apply your time and energy. The Flow shows that for every one thing you try to do, about three things needs doing first! Effort and resistance seem to be multiplying. And in terms of your social contacts it shows that they may feel easy but little forward progress is actually being made.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Caput Draconis (124) in the fifth house (Taurus). Here we see that you can use the Active Transform to significantly change your fortunes this week if you allow yourself to develop the insight you gain from its inspiration.

You can begin to gain this insight when you can disassociate yourself from your current situation. Specifically you need to disassociate yourself from the effort, but not the objective.

The insight will come as a dawning realisation that your objective can be reached through a better, or at least, ‘more right’ approach. Given that the second geome is in Scorpio then this realisation of the need for a shift may be not very subtle!

Watch, then, for a change in your perception about your current circumstances. To capitalise on it, look for where you are putting in effort but getting little or no reward. Then stop pushing too hard in the areas which are not paying off.

To really progress, think more deeply about how to spread the word. There are new physical areas for you to open up yet.

What you have been doing needs to change if you are to make faster progress. The close relationship you need is more likely to be found among the few than the many.


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Thank you.


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