Reflecting Reflections

Carcer + Tristitia → Laetitia (14)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 5th April 2020

It is not often that Castings make you laugh out loud for being obvious!

For anybody with even a rudimentary knowledge of astrological interpretation the message is very clear. Here are some of the many but obvious key concepts in the Casting so that you can have a go at working out the interpretation yourself:

Saturn = confinement, isolation, difficulties

Pisces = medication, silent difficulties, that which is hidden

First house = You

Opposition aspect = aversion, difficulties, challenges

Uranus = sudden change, scientific, dramatic, new

Virgo = perfection, health, medicine, rendering service

Seventh house = other people, groups, relationships


So, how to interpret this? How could you put all those factors together to give a reading? How could you weave all these keywords into some kind of meaning?

Self-isolation. Confinement. Quick contacts with others. Relationship to medicine or medical issues. Hidden things which deeply affect you.

See, you can do this!


Naturally, we need to go deeper. Astrogem geomancy allows us to go not only deeper but, by using the Active Transform, to go further.

The Casting as a whole represents an awakening. Certainly there is a confinement you are likely to be feeling at the moment, but it is not just physical. This confinement can be spiritual, imaginative, unplanned and deeply personal.

The two sets of Taps at Levels 2 and 3 show your thoughts and physical energy being trapped by past experiences and current circumstances. Carcer in the first house (Pisces) is a great teacher and while the experience it brings can be slow and feel restrictive it is simply that there is a lot to learn in breadth and, most importantly, depth.

Knowing that there is Flow between the geomes reassures us that we are being given lessons. The question then becomes: are you learning?

Tristitia the seventh house (Virgo) indicates a sudden change in respect to others. Here the word ‘respect’ does not simply mean ‘in regard to’. It genuinely means ‘respect’: treating people differently, better, acceptance of the authority they have, appreciation and esteem for them. The interesting thing is that this can come about something or in an unusual way. In other words, an understanding of others, what they do and how they operate can provide sudden and lasting insight and change for you.

The opposition aspect in this particular Casting not only provides a ‘reflection’ of Flow, however. Because the first geome was in the first house it means the Pars Saturnii is also the first house. This means that the root cause and solution to what we are experiencing is to be found in the experience itself. Thus this reflection in Flow can best be seen through reflection! We need to unpack that…

Reflecting reflections, Simon Zhu, Unsplash, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Laetitia (14) in the first house (Pisces). This placement helps us to reflect (think about and consider the consequences and implications) of what we are thinking and reflecting on. In addition to this reflection on the reflection we see the true ruler of Pisces in its own sign. And in such an important position in the chart it has great power. It has intrinsic power (power in itself) but also the power to change things.

Thinking about thinking. A sudden input from others allowing you to think in new ways or about something old.

In some cases you will see something imaginative and new. Something creative from this swirling mass of possibilities.

For others it will provide a sudden and profound insight into true nature. What and whose nature you will need to find out.

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Thank you.


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