Looking For A Heavenly Body

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Fortuna Minor + Tristitia → Puer (12)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th December 2017

You might expect with a title like this that the Casting will get more than the usual number of hits this week. Perhaps new people who find us are looking for the perfect physique. Maybe they are looking to (ahem) ‘meet someone with a particular set of physical characteristics’. But let me reassure you that there will no dating advice here!

No, the kind of heavenly body in question is more of the astronomical kind. And this week you are being presented with the opportunity to find your very own planet! (I know!)

The trine between the geomes gives a much more comfortable feeling to Flow this week as the start of the solar year has provided us with a strong impetus to go. If you are not in Flow and are awaiting the start of the calendar year then you’ll probably feel as if you’re still in the starting blocks at the moment. Word to the wise: geomancers are already off and running!

The trine in the fire signs is going to provide lots of energy and action. But perhaps more interestingly a new opportunity will present itself later this week. Actually not just a new opportunity but a curious opportunity.

Fortuna Minor continues the message from last week. You have done all you can in terms of preparation and now you just need to get your head into gear to get going. You should be feeling lots of hope and optimism generally. But given that you are likely to be very busy and probably distracted from your main areas of interest due to the festivities you are more likely to feel that hope and optimism could be yours fairly easily. (There’s not a lot of difference between these two feelings in practical terms. In other words, you can stretch out and begin to get what you are looking to get anytime you want to.)

Fortuna Minor here also indicates that you have generally reconciled yourself to using what energy and resources you currently have. This is because you are fed up of waiting and just want to get on with things. You realise that not everything is perfect though you can take comfort from knowing that it will be sufficient. You’ll find that in your first steps forward may not be perfect but they will enable you to progress.

The Pars Solii in the ninth house (Leo) gives another indication that you seem to have been thinking and planning for a long time. You’ve been biding your time believing that you will know when the time is going to be right. In other words, you’ve been waiting to feel ready.

Flow indicates that this is as good a time as any. But more than that, the influence of the Pars shows that when you do move forward you are likely to be constantly checking-in on yourself as you go. This is a very good thing. It shows that despite any impatience which is pulling you forward you still need to know you are taking sure steps as you go on. Very good!

Tristitia in the fifth house (Aries) is likely to produce an unexpected and sudden idea which moves you forward later in the week. Not just a new idea but a curious idea. The curiosity part is because it will provoke several new avenues of thought and opportunity for you. Don’t miss it!

For some it will likely just make them more impatient as they will see opportunity but won’t act. But for those in Flow you will feel a shift, and opening up of directions as the creativity begins to flow. This will be a sudden and impulsive change. You’ll feel like taking a chance. The placement here could indicate taking a chance on romance or on art. It’s more likely, however, to see a creative idea which helps you shift from ‘Why?’ to ‘Why not?’ Follow each possibility of thought to make sure you catch the inspiration that is on offer! Take action on the curiosity. Let it move you forward.

By analogy, a new impulse causes you to want to find a heavenly body. You take a telescope outside to start searching. You’ve got the necessary equipment (the telescope), you’ve put in the effort (carrying the telescope outside and pointing it at the sky). Now all you’ve got to do is to look…



Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puer (12) in the ninth house (Leo). This shows you have an openness to travel, even if only in your own thoughts. That means that you are able to see a new and bigger philosophy — if you look. You’ll find that there is an energy in greatness. The question is only going to be ‘How big can you get?’

Your thoughts and growth can expand hugely if you let them. Follow the curiosity.

Follow new ways of thinking.

Allow what you have done to bring you new insights.

Look down from the telescope… Down to the ground.

Notice your feet.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, December, 2017, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Close up of a planet as seen from about five and a half feet away, Bruno Nascimento, Unsplash (CC0)

Look just beneath them.

There’s a planet there! Your very own planet.

It was there all the time.

You are probably about as close as you ever could be to a heavenly body! You’re standing just a few feet from its surface!

You might not be able to see all of it.

But everywhere you can think of starts from where you are now.


And that, surely, is a wonderful place from which to start… yes…

… to start a happy New Year!


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Thank you.


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