Laying Foundations

Fortuna Major + Carcer → Amissio (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th September 2020

You may be feeling much more empowered to make changes this week.

Fortuna Major in the third house (Scorpio) indicates that after much effort the true nature of things starts to be revealed to you. It is from that firm foundation that you will be able to build.

Naturally this may involve letting go or getting rid of what no longer serves you, but in the end that is definitely a positive thing to do. Ideas and plans become clarified for you as matters take a more serious turn. By that you will understand what is important and what is trivial. This is the time to work on the important and to build for the future. There is no time to waste. Get clear and get ready to move.

The Pars Solii is in the sixth house (Aquarius) this week which suggests that you may have been letting duty and responsibility to others hold you back. This does not mean you should be callous towards them in future, but rather that you need to look after your own interests. Perhaps the time for nursing others is coming to its natural end anyway. It’s time for all concerned to move forward.

Carcer is in the 10th house (Gemini), the natural ruler of the first geome’s house. This shows the development and continuity of Flow towards making your plans and ideas practical and definite for use in the outside world.

Specifically, it means that you can begin to lay down the physical foundations of what you intend to build.

Laying Foundations, David Mark, Pixabay, (CC0), 700

Keep in mind that you are working on projects important for the near future. The foundations must therefore be good and solid. This is important work in which you will be engaged so you need to lay the foundations correctly and well.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (34) in the fifth house (Capricorn). The theme of hard work and practicality from the second geome therefore carries over to this fifth house placement.

Given that this house is associated with social activities and functions you might think that your foundations will be geared towards relationships an interactions with others. That is possible, of course. But another interpretation seems likely: that the foundations and work you do should be creative and expressive. The work may involve the interactions with others, or be appreciated by them, but the key aspect will be the creativity of what you will be building.

It is as though you are seeking to build something magnificent and huge. To do so you will need to see the image of the final product in your mind.

You need to physically lay the bricks but also to visualise the cathedral you are building at the same time.

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